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Andy Muschietti's adaptation of It finally arrived in theaters on Thursday and has managed to scare up $123 million in its opening weekend. In addition to being a box-office monster, It has also opened to rave reviews, thanks to commendable performances by the young cast that comprises the Losers' Club and especially, Bill Skarsgård's bone-chilling turn as Pennywise.

As Skarsgård had the uphill task of living up to Tim Curry's rendition of Pennywise, he had to not only look scary, but was also tasked with reinventing the fear of clowns for a modern audience. So, while the makeup and costume department took care of his looks, Skarsgård nailed the rest of Pennywise's characteristics through his impeccable evocation of the dancing clown.

However, going by the creepy smile that he recently flashed at the Swedish radio show PP3, it looks like the talented actor would've been equally scary sans the cosmetics.

It (commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown) is an ancient shape-shifting entity that wakes up every 27 to 30 years to prey on creatures who're easily scared because It thinks that fear floods the bodies of his victims with chemicals and makes them tastier. As kids are more likely to be terrified by his antics, It usually zeroes in on youngsters and feeds until it's time for his next cycle of hibernation.

As Skarsgård noticed how Pennywise lured his victims by acting like a child himself, he doubled down on this particular smile of his and created a man-child version of the blood-thirsty clown:

"I had prosthetic pieces on my cheeks – when you have those puffy cheeks it really makes you come off as much more childlike in appearance. That was something we wanted to explore. He is the manifestation of children, so he’s sort of part-child himself. He has these childlike elements – which is a different take on It, obviously, and something that I find pretty disturbing."

Although Skarsgård's rendition of Pennywise was undoubtedly impressive, he has confused his fans as to whether they should be attracted by his good looks or terrified that he'll eat them up if they approach him for an autograph. As these ardent fans have voiced their opinions on Twitter, let's take a look at what they had to say after witnessing Skarsgård's clown around in Derry.

Some Fans Want To Float With Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård has a substantial fan-following, thanks to his Hemlock Grove days, and dashing good looks. In addition to that, after his turn as the child-devouring Pennywise, it looks like he has garnered a new section of fans who are comfortable with f**king clowns.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, some fans were genuinely scared of Skarsgård's performance and these bizarre fetishes that were floating around in the Twitterverse.

'It's Just Some Crazy Guy In A Clown Suit'

There is no argument about the fact that Bill Skarsgård has inherited his familial good looks and has constantly churned out great performances. However, these fans didn't find it reason enough for them to fantasize about Skarsgård, especially as Pennywise.

Sexy or not, Bill Skarsgård has established himself as a modern horror icon by bravely taking on a role that had been made famous by the multi-talented Tim Curry. He has not only read into the mentality of his character by going through the novel, but also utilized his physicality to provide fans with a Pennywise that is faithful to its origins. So, as Skarsgård is gearing up to return as the titular clown in the sequel to It and the Castle Rock TV series, fans can certainly expect him to be even scarier as he'll be facing off with the adult version of the Losers' Club.

Were you attracted or scared of Bill Skarsgård Pennywise? Float down into the comment section and let me know.

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