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One would assume that murdering children under the streets of Derry is a full-time job, although it seems as though the likes of Pennywise can have their kid and eat it too if this new addition to the latest Stephen King TV show is anything to go by. That's right horror fans — Following his role as Pennywise in the movie adaptation of IT, Bill Skarsgård will return to the world of Stephen King for a recurring part in Hulu's Castle Rock.

According to the official yet rather sparse press release, Bill Skarsgård has been cast as a young man with a unique legal problem. Given that Andre Holland has already been confirmed to play a death row attorney named Henry, it's likely that the two will be linked in some way, but where does that leave Pennywise? After all, the Dancing Clown was explicitly name-dropped in the only trailer for Castle Rock that we've seen so far, but it seems rather unlikely that Pennywise and Skarsgård's new character could be one and the same.

Remember When Pennywise Appeared In The Trailer For Castle Rock?

Among the many iconic Stephen King characters whose names floated by in the trailer for Castle Rock (all of whom are listed here), Pennywise stood out as one of the most memorable. Not only has the Dancing Clown haunted our nightmares for as long as we can remember, but Pennywise has also risen in prominence once again thanks to the upcoming IT movie directed by Andres Muschietti.

However, die-hard Stephen King fans were rather surprised to learn that Pennywise may appear in Castle Rock, especially considering how neither he nor the Losers Club ever visited that particular town in the source material. Names such as Ben Hanscom, Georgie Denbrough and even The Barrens location are name-dropped in the teaser above, yet all of the major events depicted in the book take place in Derry, Maine. Sure, Castle Rock isn't too far away geographically speaking, but it would seem rather strange for the TV show to reimagine the story of so soon after the movie arrives in cinemas.

In reality, Pennywise and the Losers Club aren't the only characters mentioned here who never visited Castle Rock in the original novels. Stories such as Cujo, The Dead Zone and Stand By Me may have all been set in that town, but others such as Misery and The Shining occurred many miles away from Castle Rock's location.

Does This Mean That Pennywise Won't Appear In Castle Rock?

IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]
IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Now that Bill Skarsgård has been cast as someone other than Pennywise, this seems to have confirmed that some of the characters who are mentioned in the trailer won't actually appear in Castle Rock. Instead, it's far more likely that subtle references will be made in passing to the likes of Pennywise in order to appease diehard fans. This would make sense given that this 'reimagining' of King's work takes place in the multiverse created by his books.

Recent Easter Eggs in The Mist and The Dark Tower seem to confirm that the shared universe approach will be translated to upcoming TV and movie adaptations, so it's no surprise that Castle Rock will follow suit, especially as the show will reportedly draw inspiration from a range of King's books. If Pennywise can be alluded to in these adaptations, then there's still a chance that the Dancing Clown will be mentioned on this show too, even if the actor who usually plays him has taken on a different role. There's also a possibility that someone else could play Pennywise on Castle Rock instead, but this would seem rather strange given that Skarsgård will be present too.

Whether sticks to these two Stephen King roles or makes it a hat trick in one of the other many adaptations heading our way, we're confident that the young actor will leave his mark on the cast of Castle Rock, presumably scaring the likes of Jane Levy and Sissy Spacek almost as much as the kids from IT. Perhaps the writers of will even go full-meta and ask Skarsgård to subtly pay homage to his take on the monstrous clown. Just don't hold your breath waiting to see float in the sewers of Castle Rock when the show makes its debut in 2018.

Do you think Pennywise will still appear in Castle Rock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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