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Bill Skarsgård's version of Pennywise may be the scariest clown since... well, Tim Curry's version of Pennywise, but simply labelling the Dancing Clown as a monster does It's villain a disservice.

Sure, is truly one of Stephen King's most frightful creations, but aren't we forgetting that clowns are also supposed to make us laugh? Join us as we explore reactions to the first official trailer for Andrés Muschietti's which made us float with joy. Trust us, guys — you'll float too.

Yasss, Slay Pennywise, Slay!

When the It movie trailer was finally released this week, the internet lost its collective mind, running through the whole gamut of emotions. First up was unadulterated joy that the trailer didn't suck. Considering how much fans hold Tim Curry's Pennywise in esteem, this in itself was a considerable feat.

Send Out The Clowns

For the misguided few who didn't sit fervently by their computers, refreshing the official It page like their lives depended on it, the sudden barrage of trailer shares was just plain annoying. Whether this Twitter user sat on the brink of a heart attack from sheer annoyance or genuine fear is yet to be determined.


For others, the scares contained in the official It movie trailer were nothing compared to the real life horrors that were splashed across the pages of British newspapers this week. Anyone fed up of reading about the current political situation should just make a paper boat out of their newspaper instead. What could possibly go wrong?

Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Pennywise

Despite the fact that the majority of the Losers Club should survive long enough to appear as adults in It: Part Two, some online fans remain rather pessimistic about their chances.

Our Sanity Is Sliding Ever Further Away From Us

If a person could be our spirit animal during the slide show scene, this is the one we would go for. Without a doubt.

It's Rated R For A Reason, Kids

While we're tempted to question why this presumably adult Twitter user has their own nightlight in the first place, we're just going to follow suit and buy our own too.

Alessia's Moana-ing Again

As the vocalist who just released a pop version of Moana's theme song, we're going to guess that Alessia Cara isn't used to films of this nature. At least the money she earned from Disney will help the singer stock up on diapers for those tricky Youtube ad breaks.

'Supernatural' Scares

We can probably name around 36 moments during our first viewing of the It trailer where we reacted like the boys from Supernatural. If these demon hunters are scared of Pennywise, then consider the rest of us f**ked.

And Finally, The Most Surprisingly Scary Reaction Of Them All

Real talk.

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At the end of the day though, does it really matter what us lowly Twitter users think? The only opinion that truly counts is the one held by Stephen King himself, self proclaimed King of Horror.

So what does the man who single-handedly ruined every clown-themed birthday party have to say about Andrés Muschietti's adaptation of It?

Yeah, the last thing we're going to do is relax when Pennywise continues to terrorise my every waking thought, but nice try Steve.


Were you scared by the first official trailer for It (2017)?

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