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IT has been a whirlwind success since it hits our theater screens earlier this month, and while the supernatural horror's dizzying box office numbers have encouraged director Andy Muschietti to tackle another Stephen King adaptation, one actor has remained slightly hesitant.

Speaking on Variety's Playback podcast recently, Bill Skarsgård revealed that he was a little wary following the release of the film:

"It’s been really weird for me. I’m almost a bit confused by the whole thing."

Without a doubt, while the Pennywise role gave the young actor a wonderful career boost, it also plunged him into a somewhat anxious state. Admitting that at times he was convinced his moment in the spotlight was simply too good to be true, he said that he often feared that something bad was going to happen to him personally:

"When I got the job, it was a huge deal for me, obviously — I knew there was a lot of anticipation for the project and the character itself. But I didn’t allow myself to hope for anything. I feel like if I’d hoped for success… At the back of my head, even coming up to the release – people were like, 'it’s going to do this well!' And then the box office surprised everybody. Even the most optimistic projections were like half of it! Up until everything, I just felt like something really terrible was going to happen to me personally – things just seemed to be going too well."

Well, we can only hope that nothing terrible happens to Skarsgård before he gets the chance to terrify us once again in the 2018 sequel.

Will you go to see the sequel or did IT terrify you to death?

(Source: Variety)


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