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It's been a rough few weeks for Billie Lourd, who had to say goodbye to both her mother and grandmother after the pair passed away within days of each other.

A week ago, she posted a photo of her family to Instagram, thanking her fans for supporting her during this difficult time. Now, she's shared another beautiful memory of her and her mother, along with an optimistic message of hope:

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Lourd used her mother's own signature emoji language in her dedication, and shared some sage advice from the icon herself: To find "the funny" side of life.

Fisher's words make for powerful advice, and will hopefully provide the strength and comfort Lourd needs right now.

A Lifetime Of Memories

Lourd was incredibly close with her mother, as well as grandmother Debbie Reynolds. She shared quite a few happy snaps of her family both before and after their untimely passing, which shows their unique bond:

[Credit: Billie Lourd Instagram]
[Credit: Billie Lourd Instagram]

Sadly, there's been quite a few tributes to celebrities who've passed away, from the children they've left behind. Here are some moving memories from those who lost their famous parents:

1. Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Jackson

2. Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Walker

3. David Bowie's Son Duncan Jones

4. Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Irwin

5. Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Williams

6. Kurt Cobain's Daughter Frances Bean Cobain

Take a look at more touching tributes to Carrie Fisher from her Star Wars co-stars:


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