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Billie Lourd, daughter of icon and granddaughter of cinema great , has released a statement one week after their untimely deaths.

The young actor has been silent since the passing of her beloved "Abadaba" and "Momby", who passed away just days apart. However, she recently posted the following message to her Instagram, thanking fans for their "love and support":

She also shared more happy snaps of her childhood with the two beloved matriarchs on Twitter:

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A Close Family

If Lourd's social media is anything to go by, she and her mother shared a strong bond. The two frequently shared photos of their outings together, and both owned French bulldogs.

Lourd was raised by single mother Fisher since her parents' separation at the age of two. Their dynamic duo's bond has always been clear to see.

In 2015, Lourd starred alongside her mother in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. She played fellow rebel Lieutenant Connix, and has confirmed that she will have a bigger role in Episode VIII.

Lourd had studied religion and psychology in college, and was discouraged from pursuing a career in acting by her famous family. She eventually proved them wrong, landing her current role in TV series Scream Queens. Fisher had also been influenced by her own talented mother from a young age, appearing in one of her broadway shows at the age of 15.

Gary Fisher Thanks His Fans

Carrie Fisher's Instagram-famous French bulldog, Gary, has also been posting touching tributes to his beloved "mommy". He is now in the care of Lourd, who is most likely in charge of his social media accounts. The following tribute to Fisher and Reynolds was just posted to his Instagram:

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