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Tino Jochimsen

Here's a shameful confession: Moviepilot completely missed out on Grizzly, a movie sounding so awesome, it hopefully will never get released, so we don't have to see that it doesn't live up to its premise.

But we better let one of its primary participants, , describe it to you via his website:

James Marsden (X-Men, Enchanted) and Thomas Jane (Hung, yes, and so good in The Mist) are a pair of estranged brothers who enter the wilderness. Marsden, fresh out of jail, is the ne’er-do-well who has come home to settle some unfinished business. Jane is the town sheriff who helps his fiancée track the local fauna. Their outing in the great white north takes off but goes horribly south when they are attacked, then relentlessly pursued by a monstrous and seriously territorial grizzly bear. This is clearly not Yogi Bear or Gentle Ben territory because this particular specimen of Ursus arctos horribilis goes by the nickname 'Red Machine.'

So, basically it's Jaws meets the little-seen-but-nevertheless-awesome The Edge, starring and .

Which is just fine with me, as man-against-nature flicks rub me just the right away, especially if they feature the undervalued and . Add to that the perk of seeing play the deaf (!!) fiancé of Jane's character, whose inability to hear will presumably feature heavily into bear-related procedings, and Billy Bob starring as a bear hunter - God, how could it get any better!


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