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hit the headlines earlier this year when series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that Season 7 of the hit anthology series will focus on the 2016 election. Although very little is known about the ambigious seventh season, we do know that veterans and will be among the returning cast.

However, it looks like Paulson and Peters will have some company. Comedian and actor Billy Eichner will be starring in the upcoming season of American Horror Story, according to Deadline — and Eichner himself posted their story to his Instagram account:

Details about Eichner's character are being kept close to the chest, but sources have confirmed that he will be heavily recurring throughout, appearing in up to seven of the 11 episodes.

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Murphy is known for his ambitious casting and, in the past, these unusual choices have paid off — with Lady Gaga's leading role in American Horror Story: Hotel earning her a Golden Globe Award.

Who Will Eichner Play On 'American Horror Story'?

[Credit: Hulu]
[Credit: Hulu]

With few details being released about Season 7 of American Horror Story, there's very little we know about Eichner's character. His multiple episode arc certainly suggests that his character will be of extreme importance to the narrative, and due to the season's political theme, perhaps he will be playing a political figure.

According to Deadline, Eichner "is playing a close confidant of Paulson’s character and mostly will be wearing mysterious tank tops." I guess we'll just have to wait and see what that means.

American Horror Story Season 7 will air in the fall on FX.

[Source: Deadline]


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