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After a rocky split a few years ago, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are going strong. Since their reunion, the couple has wasted no time in professing their love for one another. The stars were engaged prior to their break-up in 2013, but now that they're back together, their relationship status has pretty been hard to read.

Overall, we don't know for sure whether a wedding is in their future, but fortunately for them, it looks like — if wedding bells were part of their plan — the pair already has the greatest blessing of them all from 's father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Perfect Son-In-Law

The country singer recently made an appearance on Channel 7's The Morning Show to promote the 25th anniversary of his hit song, "Achy Breaky Heart." There, he gave some pretty strong wedding vibes when he touched on his future son-in-law, . He had nothing but great things to say about him and his family:

"He loves Tennessee, man. He's a good man. His family is great people. And we love Liam."

'The Last Song' [Credit: Disney]
'The Last Song' [Credit: Disney]

Some Much-Appreciated Bonding Time

Because these two might be related at some point, bonding time between Cyrus and Hemsworth is required, and they're doing just that. Cyrus revealed that Hemsworth spent two weeks with him in the United States while he was on tour, and they had a lot of fun:

"He drove my truck to Atlanta, he drove my truck through cornfields, swamps – he had the best time. ‘I said, 'Man, just keep having fun. As long as you have fun and be safe, travel safe, have a good time.'"

Fun fact: Putting their future family ties aside, Hemsworth deeply admires . He's actually great fan of his music. Proving this, earlier in June the actor took to Instagram to post a video of himself enjoying Cyrus's concert:

The caption's enough to tell us just how much Hemsworth admires the singer:

My man, Billy Ray Cyrus 'rocked the pants off it' tonight at CMA Fest. Legend.

Making sure not to miss the country singer's next musical experience, the Hunger Games star already booked his place for next year's Australia show, as Cyrus revealed during his Channel 7 interview:

"He is a great guy. He has already made arrangements to be at the first show in March in Australia."

If that isn't a great father-in-law-son-in-law relationship, I honestly don't know what is. Let's just hope we continue getting glimpses of their awesome dynamic in the near future.

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