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It seems like everyone and their mother has been attached to write the reboot of 's 1976 classic, Logan's Run. I remember following this movie when serial tweeter was on board, but writers as diverse as , , Will Beall, and have all taken a shot at the dystopian future whose citizens are required to die at 21 (or 30, if you're following the original film instead of the book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson). Now, it looks like Warner Bros. is taking a shot with an unlikely candidate that will please a whole lot of video game fans - BioShock creator and writer .

It's unknown as to whether the reboot will follow the book more closely or take most of its inspiration from the kitschy film starring . However, if Levine is able to follow through with this and it gets made, my personal hope is that studios will take notice and actually want a BioShock movie that lives up to Levine's requirements. Levine will continue to serve as creative director at Irrational Games.

Step into the 23rd Century with the original Logan's Run trailer:

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