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Matt Carter

It's not often that we post music videos here on Moviepilot, but then again most music videos aren't R-rated mini action movies that are balls-to-the-wall crazy. The excellently-named Russian rock band Biting Elbows has probably made two of the best music videos that I've ever seen (apart from David Brent's If You Don't Know Me By Now, obviously). Shot in the first person, the videos for songs "The Stampede" and "Bad Motherfucker" were actually directed by the band's front man Ilya Naishuller, who used a GoPro camera strapped to a helmet to create their unique style. Word of warning though: The videos are super violent so don't watch them if you are sat next to your boss. Unless of course your boss is a Russian gangster, which in that case, away you go:



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