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Rob might have been crossing all of his fingers and toes for a baby boy to give him a 'lil bro to buddy up to in his oestrogen fuelled family, but the couple have just revealed they are expecting a baby girl for Chyna to preen, pamper and pinkify for our (guilty) viewing pleasure.

In a shameless move to drive eyeballs to their new reality TV show, Rob & Chyna, the couple announced the sex of their baby on the show's premiere, but not before pimping the concept on Instagram.

A couple of hours before the show, Chyna reminded her loyal followers that she is willing to go full Kardashian by tossing any notions of 'private life' to the wind with the post below teasing the gender of her baby:

The model turned Kardashian-wannabe also took the opportunity to remind people what being pregnant looks like and show off her enviable body positivity with the following post:

On the show itself, viewers were taken into the doctors surgery with the parents-to-be to see the miracle of life writhing around in the uterus in the intimate company of an few hundred thousand viewers. Awwwww.

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After the doctor confirmed the baby had a healthy heartbeat, both parents revealed their preferred gender for the bundle-of-joy-to-be. For all of those who have watched Rob being viciously tormented by his koven of kackling kin over the years, it should be no surprise that he said:

i'm pretty nervous. Rob says before the big reveal. "I really want a boy."

Rob was nervous about learning his baby's sex
Rob was nervous about learning his baby's sex

After the fetus is weirdly sexualized by the dr. who talks about her "putting her booty in the air," Rob reveals that he was fixated on wanting to have a little boy due to his relationship with his late father:

"It's an emotional moment. Me wanting to have a boy, it definitely stems from my dad but I'm sure I'll have the same relationship that I had with my father with my daughter. I'm just happy that the baby's healthy and I'm gonna be super happy with a girl."

Don't expect another 'k' name to join the klan just yet though, Blac and Rob recently said in a Facebook Q&A session that they would "probably not" honor Kris's legacy. Boo, hiss.

Despite Rob dissing the family naming tradition, his sisters Kim and Khloé leapt up to share their support and excitement on Twitter:

Congratulations to Rob and Chyna! After a near miss with guessing Kim and Kanye's boys name (I went for Angel), I have a strong feeling that my prediction of 'Sock' could hit the nail on the head this time. Don't let me down, guys!

What do you think Rob and Chyna will name their little girl? Write your suggestions below!


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