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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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While the world adjusted to the idea of a certain toupee wearing, p*ssy grabbing billionaire becoming the most powerful man in the world, another American Dream was being fulfilled over in Beverly Hills. Joining Suri Cruise, Harper Beckham and cousins North and Saint West, Dream Rennee Kardashian was brought into the world via C-section at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre — hospital to the stars.

But the question on everyone's lips remained — was Dream's birth a celebrity stunt gone too far?

Meet Your Mom And Fad

Never missing an opportunity to capitalize on a juicy trending hashtag, , , Kris Jenner and Lamar Odom staged a scene of Dream's birth in an attempt to gain some social media attention by taking part in the new internet sensation. This essentially consists of a group of people standing still while a camera moves around them. Think if Piper from Charmed froze time, whipped out her iPhone, filmed the scene for a minute then uploaded it to Vine.

Notable celebrities to partake in this trend are Hilary Clinton (in happier times), Destiny's Child (including Michelle) and Paul McCartney (who looks like a terrifying wax work of himself). While there is nothing wrong with the trend in and of itself, is it really OK to be part of a viral internet campaign which received over 4.5 million views before you are even able to tell your hands from your feet?


Only five hours after Blac Chyna gave birth to Dream after a C-Section, the first video of her was already published online to an audience of 3.3 million strangers. Just let that sink in. Considering that the average person interacts with 80,000 people across their entire lifespan, baby Dream has already been exposed to enough people to cover 41 average lifetimes. At four hours old.

Luckily though, as Rob points out, Dream has inherited Kris Jenner's impressive mane of hair, proving that her ridiculously attractive genetics have passed on to yet another member of the ever growing Kardashian brood. This will bode well for her as she is placed under the intense media scrutiny that will inevitably become her life.

Following In The Family Tradition

Following in Kourtney and Kim's footsteps, Blac also wanted to give birth on Television to add to the authenticity of her and Rob's reality TV show Rob & Chyna. However, as the film crew arrived to document Dream's birth, they were turned away as the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre now has strict rules about filming anything within the Hospital.

But could this actually be a blessing in disguise for Dream? Would you really want your own birth to be public property? To have your future classmates able to access the footage of your mom birthing you whenever the wished? I don't know about you, but that sounds like my worst nightmare, and probably my mom's too.

A Birth Most Tweeted

Narrowly missing the curse of being filmed as she was released from her mothers womb, baby Dream's birth was, in true Kardashian style, celebrated on Twitter. Having already endured her first Instagram post at four hours old, she was also celebrated on Facebook making sure that she was safe from no Social Media outlet.

The Reality TV Star Generation

Relatively speaking, children who are reality stars, or children who are born to reality stars are a comparatively new phenomenon. We don't know whether they are likely to succumb the same destructive pressures that often ruins the lives of young child stars, or whether that because they are so used to a constant media presence in their lives that they build up a stronger resistance to it.

What's for certain though is that these children are most certainly not going to be exposed to a reality that that everyday person will ever experience, or will ever really be able to understand. While I wish Blac and Rob and baby Dream all the best, I do have my reservations on just how well-adjusted a baby born literally into the spotlight can ever really be.


Do you think it's wrong for Dream to already be subject to such media attention?


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