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The vast universe of Shazam is finally coming to the big screen. With Billy Batson set to get his film in 2019, fans have been eagerly waiting for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam to make his cinematic debut. Earlier in 2017, DC surprised us with the announcement that the cruel antihero was getting his very own standalone adventure.

To our frustration, the film has had a particularly slow development process, so during an interview with Fandango, teased audiences with the possibility of Teth-Adam appearing somewhere else in the DCEU before flying solo: "We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can't reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced."

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

We've been going a bit crazy trying to figure out where exactly that appearance would happen. The most popular candidates so far have been Man of Steel 2 and Aquaman. As it turns out, though, those predictions weren't accurate, if a new rumor is to be believed — because Adam may pop up in one of the most unexpected movies ever...

Teth-Adam Will Reportedly Be The Villain In 'Suicide Squad 2'

Nope, my fellow geeks, that wasn't a typo. According to a new rumor from The Wrap, 's long-in-development Suicide Squad 2 finally has a baddie, and it's none other than Black Adam. Reportedly, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the rest of their expendable team will be forced to track down the ancient villain, who's considered a weapon of mass destruction.

As The Wrap cautions, Suicide Squad 2 is meant to start shooting in October 2018, and that's a busy time for The Rock. As one of the hardest-working actors in the industry, he's got quite a few projects on his plate for next year, including Jungle Cruise, his Fast & Furious spinoff and a possible fifth season of Ballers. Fortunately, the man's busy schedule wouldn't prevent him from participating in the Suicide Squad sequel, since, as the report states, his part is not expected to take up much production time.

Keep in mind, as with any rumor, we should take this information with a grain of salt. Still, there may be something to this. Unlike most other projects in the DCEU, Suicide Squad 2 has been coming together quite quickly. Back in September, Gavin O'Connor signed on to direct, and with WB fast-tracking the project to meet a 2019 release date, it's not unreasonable to assume that the film already has a story, and therefore a set villain.

Is Black Adam Really The Way To Go For 'Suicide Squad 2'?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Let's have some fun and assume that Black Adam is indeed Task Force X's next adversary. One of the biggest complaints Suicide Squad received was the mystical force that the rag-tag team of misfits was pitted against. The self-proclaimed bad guys begrudgingly came together to protect Earth from major threats, and were immediately thrown into battle against an ancient witch who wanted to take over the world. That was a significant departure from the comics.

On the printed page, the Suicide Squad is a covert team tasked with tackling problems so dirty that neither the government nor your average superheroes are willing to handle them. They don't fight off larger-than-life characters like Zod or Doomsday; they battle mobsters, drug dealers, crooked business people and all ground-level threats, but this gritty nature was lost with their first live-action interpretation, and fans weren't happy about it.

Even the director of the film, , confessed that he should have grounded the story more:

Taking that into account, I'm wondering whether putting Black Adam, an ancient magical god, as the villain is would be the right choice. Yes, Adam is a great bad guy, and an intimidating presence if done right, but perhaps he should be saved for a story that fits a larger-than-life approach, as opposed to one that would benefit from a more realistic environment. Either way, we'll have to wait and see whether, first, this rumor is true, and secondly, if it is, how Teth-Adam gets treated.

Suicide Squad 2 is rumored to hit theaters sometime in 2019, so if things go according to plan, it will probably not be long until we get some official information about the story.

What do you think about Black Adam possibly being the big bad for Suicide Squad 2? Are you happy about that, or would you prefer Task Force X to tackle a smaller-scale problem? Let me know in the comments!

[Credit: The Wrap]


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