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Warning: This article contains major spoilers of Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 5 "Compromised."

Many of us still haven't gotten over Laurel Lance's controversial death during 's fourth season, but nobody was more affected by it than Laurel's own sister, Sara Lance. Legends Of Tomorrow's White Canary has spent the entirety of the second season trying to hunt down Laurel's killer Damien Darhk in the past and kill him.

Canaries: Sara as the Canary and Laurel as the Black Canary. (via The CW)
Canaries: Sara as the Canary and Laurel as the Black Canary. (via The CW)

Killing Darhk would not only avenge her sister's death, it would undo it completely. If Darhk were to be murdered before he killed the Black Canary, then the event would never come to pass, meaning Laurel would live. And after this week's installment of Legends Of Tomorrow, I'm more certain than ever that Sara has saved her sister.

Sara Warned Darhk About His Future

Since the beginning of the season, Captain Sara Lance has had one goal — track down Damien Darhk in the past and kill him — so finding out that he was involved in the team's mission made it all the more easier. Despite multiple warnings from her team, Sara consistently shut off when Darhk showed up and insisted on taking him down, in spite of the potential damages she would cause the timeline. However, this week Martin Stein seemingly talked her out of it, as Sara told Darhk she would spare his life, but not before informing him of all the suffering he was about to endure.

Sara warns Damien Darhk what lies ahead.
Sara warns Damien Darhk what lies ahead.

Sara is of course referring to Darhk's time in Star City in 2016, when his diabolical plan fails and he is finally killed by the Green Arrow. Although she didn't tell him when it happens, she does tell him about his failure, his wife's death and his own subsequent death. This revelation shook him, but it just might have done so much more.

Sara's revelation led to Darhk officially joining forces with Eobard Thawne and travelling through time to change their own destinies. Now that he knows his current path doesn't end well, it's likely that he will take another one. And in order to preserve his own life, he just may have saved Laurel's. Knowing that he will eventually failed, Darhk may never execute his "arc" plan, he may not arrive in Star City and he may not kill the Black Canary. Sara spared Darhk's life because killing him would have altered the timeline, but her cryptic statement may have done the same thing. Without realizing it, Sara herself just changed the future, and perhaps for the better.

The ultimate irony here is that Sara went against her own judgment and chose to spare Darhk's life, but in doing so, she may have actually saved her own sister.

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The Alternative Route

If you're still not convinced that Sara inadvertently changed the timeline with her revelation to Darhk, there is another moment in this episode that proves Sara will succeed in resurrecting her sister. When Sara once again abandoned the mission — much like she did in 1942 — and set her sights on terminating Darhk, Professor Stein scolded her for doing so, telling her that killing Darhk "almost 30 years before his actual death will have countless unforeseeable effects on history." And he's right.

Stein's warning to Sara may have contained a hidden message.
Stein's warning to Sara may have contained a hidden message.

However, perhaps his revelation is just proof that Sara has been going about it all wrong. She has tried to kill Darhk twice now — once in 1942 and once in 1987— but both of those times were decades before his actual death, and thus, the amount of devastation she could cause to the timeline would be catastrophic.

So while she still needs to take him out, perhaps she just needs to choose a time when the damage would be less severe. Both the wording of Professor Stein's statement, and Sara's reaction to it have me thinking that Sara has finally figured out what she needs to do — kill Darhk in 2016. This would explain why she let him live in 1987. Killing him shortly before his actual death wouldn't have the same catastrophic effects, in fact it would end up undoing a lot of the damage he did during his time in Star City.

Sara was determined to slay Damien Darhk in all the wrong decades. (via The CW)
Sara was determined to slay Damien Darhk in all the wrong decades. (via The CW)

Rip Hunter previously told her that if she traveled back to the night Laurel died, she too would have been killed. However, he didn't say anything about traveling back to another point in 2016 and killing Darhk before he would even see it coming. Doing this would not only save Star City from the Genesis day attempt, it would save Havenrock from the nuclear missile, save Felicity from the guilt of having to divert it, and save Laurel from dying at Darhk's hand.

Is There A Place For Laurel On Legends Of Tomorrow?

Both of these potential scenarios wouldn't only lead to Black Canary's return, they may also grant her a place among the other on the Waverider as a time-traveling Legend. Once Sara succeeds in saving her sister, it's highly likely that she will attempt to convince her to leave with her, rather than staying in Star City.

'Arrow' just hasn't been the same without Laurel Lance. (via The CW)
'Arrow' just hasn't been the same without Laurel Lance. (via The CW)

And if you need further proof that season's storyline will culminate in Laurel's return, Marc Guggenheim recently commented on actress Katie Cassidy's unique series regular role across all of the CW's superhero shows and in particular her future on Legends.

"Katie is a far more interesting question because we actually have a story for Katie on “Legends of Tomorrow” that I am super excited about. It could be the thing I’m most excited about. But it’s early, and we’re not ready to spoil what that’s going to be. I think it could be really, really awesome."

The possibilities for Cassidy's return are endless, but as this season has been based around Sara's desire to save her sister, it's unlikely that we will be disappointed. Thus, it's very possible that we could see Sara erasing Laurel's death from existence and the Black Canary joining the team to help them stop the Legion Of Doom. If Sara's warning to Darhk has undone Laurel's death, it would be very ironic if the Black Canary herself were the one to take him down once and for all. So yes, there is very much a place for Laurel Lance on Legends Of Tomorrow.

Yes, yes it does!
Yes, yes it does!

This week's installment of Legends Of Tomorrow has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that one day Sara Lance will alter the timeline to save her sister Laurel. In fact, her prophecy of doom to Damien Darhk may have just done so. Sara has been given a bigger goal this season and she will undoubtedly achieve it. Whether it's yet to come or has already happened, one thing is certain, Sara Lance will ensure that the Black Canary cries again!


Did Sara's warning to Damien Darhk save Laurel?

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