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Legends Of Tomorrow's second season has seen our favorite time-traveling superheroes gain new teammates, lose a captain and chase the Spear of Destiny. But amidst all that, one presence has loomed: Laurel Lance.

Ever since the Black Canary was controversially killed off on , Laurel's sister Sara has desperately tried to save her. Although she may have seemingly accepted her sister's death now, there is still a strong possibility that Sara could bring Laurel back to us.

With the recent confirmation that actress Katie Cassidy will be appearing in the Season 2 finale of Legends, we are left to wonder if the White Canary will indeed achieve her ultimate goal. After all, Cassidy's current contract — which ensures she can be a series regular across all CW superhero shows — will probably need to be renegotiated at the end of the season. With that in mind, let's take a look at why the Black Canary should join the Legends of Tomorrow for Season 3, with Katie Cassidy becoming a series regular.

Her Revival Will Bring Closure To Season 2

It's no secret that White Canary Sara Lance was willing to go to unimaginable lengths to bring her sister back. In fact, the Time Master began this season with the intent of killing Damian Darhk (Laurel's killer) in the past to prevent her death from ever taking place. While she ultimately decided not to do this, the very fact that Darhk is time-traveling with the Legion of Doom takes him out of the timeline — thus, Laurel's death should still eventually be undone.

Moreover, Sara warned Darhk about his bleak future — and his eventual run-in with the Green Arrow — so it's possible that Laurel's future has already been changed.

Sara warns Darhk of his impending doom.
Sara warns Darhk of his impending doom.

Furthermore, let's not forget the fact that the object of the Legion's desire — the Spear of Destiny — has the ability to rewrite reality itself. While the villains may indeed get ahold of it, there's always the possibility that Sara could use it to rewrite Laurel's fate, erasing the Black Canary's death.

Despite never actually appearing on screen, Laurel Lance's presence has been felt throughout the entirety of Legends' second season. Thus, it's only fair that her death is addressed head-on at the end of the season. While we do know that she is appearing in the episode, the only true way to wrap up the storyline once and for all is to bring Laurel back permanently.

After all, Sara has dealt with declines and shortcomings all season — another failure to save her sister would be a sour note to end the season with, and nothing short of a major letdown.

Canaries: Sara as the Canary on 'Arrow' with Laurel's Black Canary. [Credit: The CW]
Canaries: Sara as the Canary on 'Arrow' with Laurel's Black Canary. [Credit: The CW]

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Laurel's Black Canary Would Fit Right In With The Legends

While Arrow was full of troubled vigilantes with darker parts of themselves than they cared to admit, Laurel Lance overcame all this in her pre-vigilante days. And thus, it ensured that she was the purest hero on the show. For that reason alone, Laurel's Black Canary would fit right in among the Legends.

Laurel Lance was the greatest hero on 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]
Laurel Lance was the greatest hero on 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]

Having faced the death of her sister and ex-boyfriend (only to find out they were both alive), alcoholism, the death of her sister again — and her subsequent revival — and a heck of a lot of adversity, Laurel overcame all of the odds. She not only overcame that grief, she channeled it into becoming the Black Canary, a hero we could all be proud of. While she had her critics, she never let it stop her from achieving her ultimate redemption. And in doing so, she became Arrow's truest hero.

On the other hand, the team of Legends is populated with a trained assassin, a tenured criminal, a historian that can turn to steel, a heroic vixen who can channel the power of the animal kingdom, a scientist and his engineer companion who can merge to form a nuclear man, and a billionaire with cutting-edge technology that can resize anything in sight, led by a time-traveling captain. Despite criticism, these misfits have come together to form a distinguished team of colorful — much like Laurel herself.

Canary Cry: Laurel was a fan-favorite on 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]
Canary Cry: Laurel was a fan-favorite on 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]

Many of her fans thought that Laurel was too good for the Emerald Archer's bleak show — and if killing their most hopeful character was the best storyline they could give her, I have to agree.

But, as Season 5 of the show has prided itself on honoring Laurel's legacy, I couldn't think of a better way for the Arrow-verse to do that than by making her a Legend. It would not only reverse the grave mistake they made by killing her off, it would also give her a new purpose.

With Season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow having focused so greatly on Sara's desire to save her sister, it's only fitting that Laurel will return to us in the Season 2 finale. But there's a strong possibility that it could be a sign of things to come. If Sara can indeed revive Laurel, she could end up joining the Legends when the show returns for its third season.

With Arrow having introduced a new Black Canary and Laurel being dead to the world, fighting crime through time could be a new calling for the once-dead Laurel Lance. This Canary might just cry again.


Should Black Canary join 'Legends Of Tomorrow' for Season 3?

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