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The wolf pack could be about to grow by one as , who played Black Doug in The Hangover, is in negotiations to appear in The Hangover Part III. The character, who did not appear in the second movie, sold Alan the roofies by mistake in the first film and was then kidnapped by Mr. Chow.

According to Variety, the original cast of the first two films is back for this final installment of the massively successful franchise, so expect to see , , and drinking, vomiting and losing body parts all for the sake of a good night out. No word on what Justin Bartha will be up to or whether he'll actually get to join in the adventure this time around. For the moment, he's suspiciously absent from the film's cast list on IMDb... but here's Black Doug:

will direct the movie which takes place in Tijuana, and will also see the return of and 's batshit crazy Mr. Chow.

While the first movie was a breath of fresh air, The Hangover Part II trod over familiar ground—it was still a massive commercial success though—so fans may be hoping for a bit more originality this time around. Phillips has suggested that the film will move away from the ‘What the hell happened to us last night?’ formula and focus on Alan trying to escape from a mental institution. That plot line has the potential for comedy gold.

We will find out for sure when The Hangover Part III heaves its guts all over our screens on May 24th next year.


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