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Though Black Lightning, Greg Berlanti's latest superhero TV show, has not yet scored a full series pickup, the odds are ever in its favor. Unfortunately, it probably won't arrive until 2018.

If picked up, is being eyed for mid-season 2018, much like DC's Legends of Tomorrow when it premiered in January 2016. Could the character appear in another show on The CW before then, however? Arrow set up Legends of Tomorrow prior to its big premiere, so anxious fans are already wondering if Black Lightning could get the same treatment.

Greg Berlanti quelled that option when he spoke in February:

“I don’t think so … If we’re lucky enough that that exists, that that show exists, I don’t think those worlds will cross over.”

Still, we've heard before that things won't happen on one of Berlanti shows, and they do take place after all. So now that we're facing the possibility of 5 DC shows on one network, why would Berlanti and Co. pass up that opportunity — especially if Arrow or The Flash could kick off a fledgling superhero show?

The popularity of the superhero shows, including Arrow and The Flash, almost guarantee the ' series will make its way to air, whether or not Black Lightning gets a boost from an appearance on another Arrowverse show. Either way, we'll still have to wait until 2018 for Black Lightning if it gets picked up for series — which, given its other siblings, is more likely than not.

Are you looking forward to Black Lightning despite the long wait?

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