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When it was revealed that we would be getting series from Greg Berlanti, we were excited at the possibility of seeing the titular character join his fellow on The CW. However, it has now been confirmed that the series will not be a part of the , and will likely not crossover with the other shows.

Berlanti's successful Arrowverse began with back in 2012, before spawning the even more successful two years later and adding and to the mix. While the latter show technically doesn't take place in the same universe as the rest, the Girl of Steel does crossover with the shows due to her friendship with the Flash.

However, during The CW's upfronts presentation, the network's president Mark Pedowitz revealed that Black Lightning will not take share the same universe at his superheroic counterparts. The revelation is compounded by the fact that the series will be filmed in Atlanta while the other four are filmed in Vancouver. This would have made crossovers difficult. Pedowitz commented:

"We do not aim to do a five-way crossover...Black Lightning, at this time, is not part of the Arrowverse. It is a separate situation. But there will be a big fourth quarter crossover with all four of the shows that are on in the fall."

The separation of the series from the Arrowverse is understandable given the filming locations, but is it wise?

Was Distancing 'Black Lightning' The Right Choice?

The CW may have been around for a decade, but it's recently become known as the home of DC's superheroes. And the reason for that is its collection of Greg Berlanti's Arrowverse shows. While adding Black Lightning won't change that, it will be a little jarring to have another Berlanti-produced superhero series on the network if it's not related.

Distancing Black Lightning will indeed allow the show to stand on its own two feet, but it could end up putting the series at a major disadvantage — the show definitely could have benefitted greatly from the powerhouse fanbase of its superheroic neighbors.

On the other hand, like most things in life, the Arrowverse shows have their critics — mainly because it's hard to keep on top of them all. Thus, distancing Black Lightning from the other shows may ensure that new viewers tune in, as they won't have to understand what's happening in the rest of the shows to follow along.

While it's unfortunate that Black Lightning won't be crossing over with Berlanti's Arrowverse empire any time soon, it will be exciting to see another brand new superhero world, full of its own characters and villains — much like Supergirl at the beginning.

On that note, while Supergirl does takes place in its own universe in the multiverse — Earth-38 — it's still a part of the Arrowverse (the original reason for the separation was down to the fact that Season 1 was filmed in Los Angeles before production was moved to Vancouver). So it's highly likely that Black Lightning just takes place on one of the many Earths in the multiverse, and thus could still very well be a part of the Arrowverse.


Are you happy to hear that 'Black Lightning' doesn't take place in the Arrowverse?

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