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As we bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, it's only fitting that we prepare to welcome some new ones into our lives. And undoubtedly one of next season's most highly anticipated new shows will be the CW's fifth superhero series: Black Lightning.

While the show will be helmed by the man behind the , Greg Berlanti, it won't be associated with fellow The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow or Legends Of Tomorrow. But despite that, it's still one that a lot of comic book fans are excited for.

In order to get us even more excited, the CW has just released the epic first trailer for Black Lightning. Check it out below:

A Retired Hero Rises Again

As the trailer reveals, the story will follow Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero who now protects the youth of society as a school principal. But with his crime-fighting days behind him, the 100 gang have risen. It's clear that this will force Pierce into once again taking up the mantle of Black Lightning to keep the streets safe. But he may not be alone for long, as it seems superpowers just may run in the family.

In a trailer that seems to be inspired by the early days of Arrow and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Black Lightning appears to be a heck of a lot grittier than its CW counterparts. And it's done a great job of highlighting how the series will welcome a new kind of superhero to the CW.

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