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While promoting Season 3 of his newly Netflix-ified hit show — a varied and brilliant set of episodes including the gloriously '80s, uncharacteristically uncynical 'San Junipero' — Charlie Brooker hit up Reddit for an AMA last week. Touching on everything from how he chooses each episode's soundtrack to the Easter Eggs we have and haven't yet found in the Black Mirror-verse, Brooker took a deeper dive into the Black Mirror universe.

While Season 3 is absolutely loaded with Easter Eggs, most linking back to Seasons 1 and 2 in a way that suggests that the entire universe is connected (scroll down to watch a supercut of all the Easter Eggs we found in Season 3), Brooker revealed that there was one Egg hidden in the Christmas special which aired after Season 2, 'White Christmas', which nobody had yet discovered.

And then, because the internet has to find everything, one whip-smart Reddit user correctly identified said Easter Egg. Take a look at the screengrab below, taken when the police officer visits Potter (Rafe Spall) in his cell to extract a confession...

It all connects... ('White Christmas', C4)
It all connects... ('White Christmas', C4)

Anything spring to mind? Look closely at the pattern inside the box on the cell door and you'll see the familiar logo from the Season 2 episode 'White Bear', in which a woman named Victoria Skillane with no memory of her participation in a young girl's murder undergoes the same horrifying ordeal each day inside a Big Brother-esque "Justice Park." The presence of the logo suggests Potter will be sentenced to the same fate, essentially meaning these two episodes live inside the same world.

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Season 3 also contains several Easter Eggs referencing 'White Bear' — a news website in 'Shut Up And Dance' features the headline "Victoria Skillane trial latest," the cop Coulson in 'Hated In The Nation' refers to Ian Rannoch and "the child killings" (Rannoch being Skillane's boyfriend, whose killings Victoria recorded on her phone), and a TV news report in the same episode confirms Skillane's appeal has been thrown out of court, suggesting she'll continue to endure her endless White Bear misery.

Check out our Movie Pilot exclusive video supercut of all the Easter Eggs we've found in Black Mirror Season 3.

Several episodes also contain Easter Eggs referencing the fate of Season 1's Prime Minister, Michael Callow (Rory Kinnear), who, since his live-on-air pig-fucking humiliation, has divorced his wife and been thrown out of a zoo. That's dark. But hey, he still appears to be the leader of the country.

While the Easter Eggs don't necessarily confirm that every Black Mirror episode lives in the same universe ('San Junipero', for instance, appears to take place further in the future, and that episode's much rosier outlook on life could be taken as a hint that it exists inside a different universe), it certainly seems that most of them do. That opens up the possibility of future crossover episodes featuring characters such as Skillane and Callow from previous seasons.

Black Mirror Season 3 is streaming on Netflix right now. If you want more gossip about the making of Black Mirror, read Brooker's Reddit AMA in full right here.

Did you spot any more Easter Eggs in Black Mirror, or do you have a theory about how the universe could be connected?


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