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Many of us are still stunned from the news that Donald Trump was actually elected to be the president of the United States. The shocking news has left many people scared and concerned for the future of America, due to some of the vicious statements he has made in the past — but did one TV series try to warn us?

The BBC series Black Mirror, which is now a Netflix original, has seemingly been predicting the future lately, with its most notable event being the prediction of a political figure committing an embarrassing act of bestiality.

An equally prophetic episode no one seems to be talking about is "The Waldo Moment," which clearly spelled out the 2016 presidential election results — and we didn't even see it coming.

The Lunacy of 'The Waldo Moment'

The episode begins with a failed comedian who starts flirting with politics — as an animated character — in order to get his name in front of the public again. Soon, Waldo's outrageous moments in front of the camera catch the TV executives' eyes and they encourage the cartoon Waldo to run for president. Although he appeals to the UK people's need for change, he says things that are hateful and come from a place of anger with no thought. The comedian behind Waldo also lets his personal life blend in with his new political persona, and things get even worse from there.

Even when the comedian wants to pull the plug on his character's run for office, Waldo wins political office without him. The credits end with a dystopian-looking future and cops beating down the comedian in the street for simply not moving fast enough.

'The Waldo Moment' Mirrors The 2016 Election Flawlessly

The similarities between "The Waldo Moment" and the 2016 election are endless. Like in the episode, Waldo appeals to people's passion for change. He does so in a manner, however, that includes shouting, foul language and slinging hateful words at the other candidates. What is unnerving is that Waldo's words are actually nicer than a lot of the hateful words Trump said about Muslims and Hispanics. While Waldo only used his outrageous behavior towards other political candidates, Trump encouraged acts of violence against fellow Americans.

Just like in this episode, it was pretty shocking during the 2016 election when such an outrageous person was elected to such an important place in office.

The comedian behind Waldo also uses people who have personally slighted him to fuel his political campaign with devastating consequences. Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions that he will get revenge against people who have spoken out against him.

What Does 'The Waldo Moment' Say About Us Now?

At the end of the episode, society is in deep trouble. The streets are filled with the homeless and martial law is clearly in place. Advertisements are everywhere pushing consumerism on those who can still afford to take part in it.

Is that the future we'll actually see? The next four years will have to play out for us to know. Whereas life under President Hillary Clinton would've been relatively predictable, no pundit or politician has any idea what our country is going to look like now. Millions of people feel like their futures are pretty bleak, but the future does not have to be dark, because we have the power to change it at any time.

Nevertheless, Black Mirror is king of predicting the worst-case scenario. "The Waldo Moment" was my (and many others') least favorite episode of the series; it seemed silly at the time, but now, it's just plain scary.


Do you think Black Mirror's "The Waldo Moment" predicted the outcome of the 2016 campaign?


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