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Who is ready for some more replicant action? As we eagerly await the new , two new posters have dropped showing Officer K (Ryan Golsing) and Rick Decker (Harrison Ford) and they look gorgeous. Side-by-side, the posters do a wonderful job of keeping in tone with the imagery that we have seen in the release of the Blade Runner 2049 trailer several months ago. Both the posters and the trailer show how director Denis Villeneuve is keeping the same slick cyber-punk and neo-noir feel as the original 1982 Blade Runner.

Let's take a look at the posters and break them down:

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Ryan Gosling: The New Blade Runner On The Block

Right away you notice wearing a buttoned-up jacket with a large collar covering his mouth. In the previous Blade Runner movie, the dystopian future was full of pollution. Maybe this will help to keep Gosling's character, Officer K, from breathing in those nasty air particles.

If that collar isn't enough, he can always use the air conditioning in that high-tech looking vehicle. Even Batman would be jealous of those wheels! What's interesting is the white fog that covers Officer K in the poster; And yet, there's a slight lens flare peeking through the smoke. The light blue hue and fancy car could represent Officer K's fresh face and younger age in comparison to Blade Runner's original Deckard.

Harrison Ford: Enter The Old, Gruff Blade Runner

Now we have a stark contrast to the Ryan Gosling poster. Instead of the cool blue tint, we have a gold hue, just like we've seen in the trailer. We know that Rick Deckard has been missing for 30 years and is sought after by Officer K. These posters help to bring past and present together, with Officer K looking for assistance from the wise, old Blade Runner.

Take a look at the fallen statue head resting behind him. Once again, they are showing us this relic as they did in the trailer. The statue is very symbolic of Rick Deckard's time as a famous Blade Runner is passing through the sands of time. Maybe this replicant is soon to expire?

Blade Runner 2049 will be released October 6, 2017.


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