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Blade Runner (1982) takes place in 2019 Los Angeles, but 2017 is important for all you Blade Runner fans. This year is when most replicants in the story were created. We already wished Leon Kowalksi a happy incept date back on April 10. Today we get to celebrate the youngest of the replicants: Rachael.

Luckily for her, she was one replicant that did not get hunted down by Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) in Ridley Scott's movie.

Rachael served at Tyrell Corporation and assisted Eldon Tyrell with various business operations. Rachael was unaware of her nature as a replicant, thanks to memories implanted from her creator Eldon Tyrell's niece. A more sophisticated replicant than previous models, Rachael resisted detection by the replicant-sniffing Voight-Kampff Test, meant to distinguish the difference between humans from androids, longer than most.

Eventually, some of the most poignant notes in come as Rachael becomes aware of her nature, and begins to come to terms with the memories implanted in her head. As she accepts her condition, she and Deckard start to build a relationship. That relationship, and their acceptance, mean that Rachael can live free from Tyrell and other threats. Their future is uncertain, but at least it is theirs.

Unfortunately, we may not get see what happened to Rachael in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. But we may finally find out Rick Deckard's incept date.


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