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Horror revivals have become commonplace, but none have been as unexpected as Blair Witch, the surprise sequel to landmark '90s horror movie The Blair Witch Project. Originally marketed as The Woods, the real title Blair Witch literally came out of nowhere, and the film garnered tons of praise in its press screening.

Part of what helped The Blair Witch Project sell itself as an actual documented film was its cast of first time actors who have gone on to do more work beyond the legacy of Blair Witch. This, combined with much of the script being improvised on the spot, helped build The Blair Witch Project's sense of realism, and its sequel Blair Witch is expected to follow suit in its own ways.

Like its predecessor, Blair Witch's core cast is made up of relative unknowns and rising stars. Without further ado, here's a quick run down of who are playing the known characters in Blair Witch so you can get to know them before the Blair Witch does.

James Allen McCune, as James Donahue

The sequel's biggest connection to the original movie is the character James Donahue: the brother of Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project. Heather has been reported missing for the past 22 years after she and two friends ventured into the Black Hills woods for their film project. If James is to be believed, a video uploaded on the internet may hold some answers about his sister's fate.

James Allen McCune leads Blair Witch's cast as the main character. McCune has a few television credits to his name, including his role as Jeff in Homeland and his recurring character in Shameless as Matty. He is perhaps most well known for his time in season two of The Walking Dead as Jimmy, Beth's boyfriend and a resident of Herschel's ill-fated farm.

Callie Hernandez, as Lisa Arlington

Lisa is one of three college friends James brings on his mission into Black Hills woods, and is played by Callie Hernandez. Lisa also gets the most amount of screaming shots in the Blair Witch trailer.

Prior to acting, Callie Hernandez was known for playing the cello in several bands before making her acting debut in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills. After scoring a few more credits under Robert Rodriguez, including a role in his TV adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn, Callie landed larger parts including an appearance in the critically acclaimed La La Land and a recurring role in the upcoming political satire Graves. She is also set to appear in a yet unknown role in Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott's follow-up to Prometheus and the Alien franchise in general.

Brandon Scott, as Peter

Peter is the second of James' three college friends chosen to accompany him into the Black Hills woods. Based on the trailers, he may or may not be Ashley's boyfriend. If cynical horror movie fans are to be believed, he may be the first one to fall to the witch.

Brandon Scott is possibly the most decorated actor in the Blair Witch cast, appearing multiple times in TV shows and movies, and video games in various roles ranging from minor to supporting character. On television, he may be most remembered for portraying Dr. Spalding in the long running medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Gamers on the other hand, may recall hearing Brandon give life to characters in two popular games developed by Naughty Dog: Nathan Drake's friend Jameson in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and the overly-protective survivor Henry from The Last of Us.

Corbin Reid, as Ashley

Ashley may or may not be Peter's girlfriend in Blair Witch but what is certain is that most of the nighttime terrors begin after she snaps one of the hanging Blair Witch stick figures in half during a fit of frightened rage.

Actress Corbin Reid is relatively new to the acting scene, with her first acting credit being listed in a short film titled Ribbons from the year 2010. Most of her well-known roles come from TV movies and shows, including the TV movie Words with Girls and the TV show Not So Union. Blair Witch will be Corbin Reid's first major cinematic role and with any luck, it will help catapult her career upwards.

Valorie Curry, as Talia

In his quest to find out what happened to his sister, James brings some college friends and a pair of local residents into the Black Hills woods. One of these local residents is Talia, played by Valorie Curry.

Valorie has some well-known credits to her name, including a recurring role on the cult show Veronica Mars as Jane, a leading role in The Following and a recurring role in House of Lies as the programmer Kesley. Her most recognized role to date is that of the nomadic vampire Charlotte in second part of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. She also has a leading role in Amazon's much-anticipated superhero TV series The Tick, where she will portray Arthur's sister Dot.

Wes Robinson, as Lane

The second local resident and guide to join James' group of Black Hills adventurers is Lane, played by Wes Robinson.

Wes Robinson has a long resume featuring many one-time acting gigs in short films and TV shows. Some of his roles include appearances in the reboot of Hawaii Five-O, Ghost Whisperer, Malcolm in the Middle, Mad Men and Scrubs. He also had small but slightly more significant roles in more recent TV shows like State of Affairs and Roadies. His performance as Lane in Blair Witch will be his biggest role to date, and it could push his career forward.

Check out the trailer for Blair Witch below:


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