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With the upcoming release of the new Blair Witch the hype has been high and we simply cannot get enough of it. The film has been long overdue and tons of fans are eager to see if there're any particular changes or if it's basically gonna be the same thing with some modern CGI thrown in there. The original film made a big impact back in 1999, hitting it big at the box office with a whopping $248.6 million, on a $60,000 dollar budget.

Besides being a big blockbuster hit, did you know that the movie has even spawned a variety of things that range from video games, books, and even comics? Well, if you didn't, here are 10 more facts, you didn't know about the original Blair Witch Project.

1. The Actors Were Given Clues Each Day

The daily instructions for all three actors were similar to that of a scavenger hunt. The production team programmed coordinates on their GPS devices to locate milk crates with three plastic canisters that contained a story for each of them, but they weren't allowed to share it among each other for dramatic suspense.

2. They Were Strapped For Cash

For budget purposes, one of the cameras used in the film was actually returned to a nearby Circuit City in Maryland. So if you shopped for a camera between 1998 and 1999, you might be the lucky (or unlucky) owner of a movie prop.

3. The Actors Made Very Little Money

The actors were only paid $1,000 dollars a day since the film was on a limited income, but after the high success of the film, it is said that they actors received an additional $300,000 for their appearances.

4. The Movie Ruined The '99–'00 Hunting Season

During the 1999/2000 hunting season in Maryland, hunters weren't too fond of the film. Due to the popularity of it all, a vast amount of tourists and fanatics kept pouring in from everywhere to catch a glimpse of the infamous witch, making it difficult for them to hunt. Worst. hunting. season. ever.

5. Heather Wasn't Always 'Acting'

In one of the most unforgettable scenes from the movie (where Heather is crying into the camera) she actually wasn't acting, her reaction was genuine fear — being alone in the woods in the middle of the night petrified her.

6. They Used Real Teeth And Hair

The teeth and hair you see twined in the twigs are actually REAL! The teeth were donated by writer/director of the film Eduardo Sanchez's dentist and the hair actually belong to actor Joshua Leonard.

7. The Actors Went 'Missing'

Pulling a classic Cannibal Holocaust move, the actors (to make the film look actually legit) pretended to be dead. They even went as far as listing themselves "missing" or "presumed dead" on the IMDb. Heather Donahue's family even received condolences letters and calls.

8. They Had The Best Safe Word

They had a code word for the actors who wanted to speak out of character, instead of your typical "uncle" for them it was "taco."

9. The Directors Mislead Their Actors

The directors didn't disclose the fact that the movie was "fake," instead they made them believe there was an actual Blair Witch and that the legends were true, they even hired locals to "lie" about the so-called legend when the actors decided to research on their own. Both directors were so intense that to make the setting even creepier, they left the actors alone and with a limited supply of food, spying on them from time to time.

10. They Marketed The Movie Expertly

When the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, the filmmakers put up "missing" poster signs of the actors for extra publicity. They actually got in trouble since a real kidnapping was going on at that time in that area and were forced to take them down.

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