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Living with the guy who once made his own visitor do the housework and babysitting must be its own kind of ride, since you'd have to be on the look out for unexpected pranks at all times. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is known as a big joker and no one knows this better than his wife, actress Blake Lively, who just recently got her revenge on her husband for a previous prank.

On October 24, Reynolds' birthday, Lively greeted Ryan a happy birthday on Instagram, but there was a catch:

Previously, Reynolds pranked his wife when he greeted her on Instagram with a cropped picture of the couple, but with most of Lively cropped out of the image. Check out the joke that started it all below.

Just like the star of the infamous Green Lantern's Instagram post last August, Lively shared an image of Reynolds but hilariously cropped him out and instead focused on Ryan Gosling.

However, while the star of The Shallows may have won this round of foolery, it seems that Reynolds still has the last laugh. As Reynolds told a fan who asked him what the best way to exact a fun brand of revenge would be:

The couple has two daughters, and Reynolds' best prank to date has yet to be topped.



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