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Cast your mind back to last Sunday's episode of and you'll recall paid a visit to Alexandria to collect half of everything they had. (Except the foodstuffs of course. He's not a monster!)

He also brought a broken and bedraggled in tow. It was a sign to Rick that his right hand man had been broken, reduced to a quivering wreck, a husk of a shell of man, his shuffling and blinking a result of one too many dog food sandwiches and exposure to happy pop music.

But that blinking though... There's was something about his rapid eye movement, the lack of randomness, the niggling feeling he was communicating something. And is that a nod of understanding from Rick?

Morse Code

The theory doing the rounds is that rather than Daryl having an over-sensitivity to sunlight, he was in fact communicating with Rick using Morse code, potentially revealing the location of Negan's base.

The theory exploded over social media, so much so that The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple has now responded with his take on the whole thing. So did Gimple confirm or deny the theory? Well, neither really.

Here's what he had to say:

"I heard about this on set yesterday. I would like to live in a world where Daryl Dixon residuously learns morse code and knows that Rick has an intimate knowledge of morse code, as well, and that they have practiced this with blinks. I would love that."

That's hardly a denial, rather a deflection of the question that would make a career politician proud.

Gimple continued:

"I will also say that it was an incredibly sunny day. But I will say this, the fans of this show are the greatest fans that watch a television program. The stories that they tell and the things that they gleam out of it are actually really thrilling. It just excites me that they have enough faith that we have put in some labyrinth theme kind of stuff. I would love to live in a world where that was true but it also could have been a sunny day. Hazy, too, which makes it worse."

Flattery will get you no where Gimple (thanks for making us feel special though!)

Note that at no point does he outright deny the theory. Instead he's the Mary Swanson to our Lloyd Christmas, making us believe that there's a chance this is true.

And it has to be true, right? Why else would they put that Morse Code blackboard so prominently front and center at the beginning of the episode? Also, Daryl has basically walked from Georgia to Virginia during this apocalypse, and it's been sunny as hell almost the entire time. There's no way he's suddenly developed a sensitivity to sunlight — despite being locked up for a few days.

I'm definitely going to file this particular theory as "still in play."


Do you think Daryl used Morse Code to communicate to Rick?



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