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Rejoice, fans! You may not be over the fact that got the axe on Fox, but the show's creator just shared an Instagram post that will make fans feel better about the cancellation.

Scream Queens alum Billie Lourd has been cast in the upcoming political-themed season of the anthology series American Horror Story, and Murphy shared the first look at her character. Check it out below:

If you are getting some serious Khaleesi vibes, then you are not alone. Murphy and Lourd both posted the picture of the star's silver locks with the message "winter is coming," reiterating the Game of Thrones comparison.

The new look doesn't give fans any solid details in terms of the Lourd's role but it could link to some of Murphy's other recent posts teasing the upcoming season. He has also shared an eerie picture of the back of someone's head (presumably Evan Peters) with their hair dyed blue and a horrifying image teasing the season's villain.

If Murphy is going with the patriotic theme, does that mean we could see Sarah Paulson with fiery red locks? A red, white, and blue hair-dyed trifecta taking the forefront of the season would an interesting path for the season.

No matter what these images truly mean, it is refreshing to see Ryan Murphy change his tune from last year and share actual details. The lack of details leading up to Roanoke seemed to hurt fan expectations and caused a lack of interest. Thankfully Murphy has gone back to old ways of keeping his fans at the edge of their seats with his mysterious clues.

The next season of American Horror Story premieres next fall!

What do you think of Billie Lourd's new look for American Horror Story? Tell us in the comments below!


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