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If your response to Mad Max: Fury Road was "great movie, but where were all the cannibals, and how come none of the women were dressed like hookers from my most perverted nightmares?," you'd better sit down for this one.

SyFy just debuted the first trailer for its upcoming action- series Blood Drive, and if the future really is as gory, lawless and downright demented as this show imagines, I'll pay good money to press fast-forward on the present. Check out the Blood Drive trailer below, and be warned that life will never be the same again.

Like Fury Road, takes place in a dystopian wasteland where oil and other fossil fuels are no longer available. That's where the realism begins and ends. In LA, a "good" cop teams up with a femme fatale to take part in a cross-country death race — or something. Somehow, I don't think the story is really the main draw here.

Oh, and the cars they're racing in run on human blood.

More horror goodness:

Like Tarantino's underrated Death Proof, Blood Drive looks like a low-budget, high-trash love letter to grindhouse cinema, where sex and exploitation were usually the order of the day. Each of its 13 episodes taps into a different sub-genre of grindhouse, from cults and cannibalism to monsters and nymphomania. In other words, expect so much bad behaviour that might look wholesome by comparison.

'Blood Drive' [Credit: SyFy]
'Blood Drive' [Credit: SyFy]

If you're looking for similar viewing, you might wanna try Death Proof, Machete or, uhh, Lady Gaga's Telephone video. Blood Drive premieres June 14 on SyFy.

Will you be boarding the Suck Bus when Blood Drive revs up and spreads its filth this summer?


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