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Do you remember the large amount of blood and gore in Pontypool? Iconic Canadian director, , is returning to the bloody genre with Hellions. The Halloween-themed horror is going to feature a one of a kind technical trick.

The official synopisis of the film goes:

A pregnant teenager must survive a Halloween night from Hell when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking.

You can check out the first bloody still here, featuring the leading actress Chloe Rose bathing in a tub of red blood.

Bruce McDonald: Hellions

But what makes Hellions even more interesting is that it's going to be the first film ever to be shot dominantly in infrared.

Here is what director McDonald said about how he got the idea of using images with infrared radiation and what he hopes to achieve with the effect (via Twitchfilm):

In the script it's a red moon, kind of a spooky supernatural night. Halloween night. So there were two elements in the script that triggered us to this. The red moon and the fact that time moves very strangely.

We thought we could shoot this all night with some kind of red filter but then we thought because of the time factor maybe it's more of a parallel dimension like a Wizard of Oz sort of thing. At the emotional peak of the story things just flip. The switch is thrown.

It was kind of a big production decision. Once you go there there's no, "Oh, I don't like that anymore." You're committed to it. It's like making the choice between shooting on color film or black and white film. There's no, "Oh, we'll make it black and white in post." It's there, you are committed to it. I like it. The infra red looks really great in interiors, It can be very dark, very moody. Kind of scary, horror movie darkness. It's all black and white and red.

We knew we could shoot it at night but we would get half the setups because of night things just move slower. And not only night, cold night. You just move slower then, so you're just going to get less setups. It would take more people to get less. So we thought we want to do that or have more setups using the small team that we have? It was an ingenious notion.

I don't know if I would've been brave enough but Norayr [cinematographer Norayr Kasper] really convinced us all. At first it was just, "Are you fucking out of your mind? Are you serious? No. It's not going to happen." But then we thought, "Well, let's do a test." And then we thought, "Oh, this is kind of interesting."

I think the big thing for me is the fact that we're not trying to make it look like night. We're literally crossing into a parallel world.

(via Twitchfilm)

What do you think? Does it sound interesting? Are you up for a black-white-and-red horror?


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