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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Sometimes bureaucracy, I'll put it out there, plain sucks.

Blue Is The Warmest Color won't be getting a golden tint next February, as it won't be up for Oscar consideration. WHAT? The critically-adored winner of the Palme D'Or, with skyrocketing buzz to boot, won't be eligible for Best Foreign Film. What the hell has happened here?

It's something as simple, and to me and you as irrelevant, as its release date. In France. French distributors Wild Bunch have set the release for the 9th October in France, which narrowly misses the date set by the Academy of September 30th. Foreign films have to screen in their home country before this date in order to be eligible for the award, and despite the best pleas of US distributor Sundance Selects, Blue Is The Warmest Color will miss the party.

President Jonathan Sehring has argued against this to Deadline. “It’s a global business right now and to hold the Foreign Language titles to a September 30th date [is not good]. This present [Academy] administration has been really great about re-visiting things that don’t really make sense and I’m just hoping that will happen.”

I can't help but agree unequivocally. The Oscars have been desperately trying for relevancy in the last few years, whether it's hiring younger, hipper hosts (to varying degrees of success, I'm looking at you Franco and Hathaway), or increasing the number of Best Picture nominees to 10. It feels like a massive step backwards to ignore such a highly-discussed film just because of something so arbitrary as its release date! Especially, when it's this.close (I'm pressing my two little fingers against each other) to the deadline.

Still, a Palme D'Or is nothing to sniff at. And there's still the film festivals of the fall to come (Toronto! New York!), and the Golden Globes. Also, that film poster - wow, right?

Has anybody seen Blue Is The Warmest Color? Is this another sign the Academy Awards is out of touch? Jump in with your comments below!


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