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As we know: there is nothing more corrupting than sex. Even more corrupting: gay sex. But some of us may have forgotten, so the MPAA kindly reminds us again and again and again.

Now, the organisation that felt fit to give the incredibly gory The Evil Dead an R-rating, has bestowed it's fiercest weapon, the NC-17 rating, on Blue Is the Warmest Color, the winner of the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

I have to confess finding this decision, as many other likewise ratings, outragious. And yes, without having seen the movie.

It's not that an NC-17 rating will sabotage the already somewhat modest box office ambitions of a French three hour movie.

It's simply the disproportion of the rating. Hundreds of people might be slaughtered on screen and we're still knee-deep in R-rated or even PG-13 (hi Man of Steel) territory, but once two peple have explicit sex WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

Although, according to the MPAA, the rating shouldn't be "construed as a negative judgment in any sense" it very much still is synonymous with pornographic material in many minds. More importantly, Cinemark, the nation's number three theater chain, has a policy against showing NC-17 rated movies.

The French coming-of-age love story features an extremely long (reports about the length - bizarrely - vary) lesbian sex scene. The official explanation for the rating: "explicit sexual content".

By the way, also rated today was the -starrer Prisoners.

The dark thriller received a R-Rating with the following reasoning: "disturbing violent content including torture."

Well, as long as they don't sleep with each other...


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