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Some directors will go to great length to achieve the greatest possible impression of reality. But for his Lesbian romance, Blue Is The Warmest Color, French director might gone a little far...

Talking to The Daily Beast (via IndieWIRE's The Playlist), leading leadies, on-screen lovers and foremost victims of the director's perfectionism, and shared their experiences from the filming of the Palm d'or winner:

Concerning the movie's already infamous 10-minute sex scene Seydoux stated:

We spent 10 days on just that one scene. It wasn’t like, “OK, today we’re going to shoot the sex scene!” It was 10 days.

But Kéchiche wasn't this perfectionist only in terms of the film's erotica. Even passing the street could become a small martyrdom for the stars:

Even crossing the street was difficult. In the first scene where we cross paths and it’s love at first sight, it’s only about thirty seconds long, but we spent the whole day shooting it—over 100 takes. By the end of it, I remember I was dizzy and couldn’t even sit. And by the end of it, [Kechiche] burst into a rage because after 100 takes I walked by Adele and laughed a little bit, because we had been walking by each other doing this stare-down scene all day. It was so, so funny. And [Kechiche] became so crazy that he picked up the little monitor he was viewing it through and threw it into the street, screaming, “I can’t work under these conditions!

While Exarchopoulos acknowledged that Kéchiche was a genius, she, like her co-star, vowed never to work with the filmmaker again.

Read the full, surprisingly revealing interview with the French actresses over at The Daily Beast.

Back in May, Blue Is The Warmest Color got some of the best reviews of the Cannes Film Festival. Some critics called it a masterpiece, nearly every review lauded the terrific performances of the lead actresses.

What do you think? Does the success justify the torturous shooting?


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