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We're all gearing up for the release of Justice League, DC's big team up movie that will finally unite Earth's other mightiest heroes on the big screen. But if the anticipation to see these heroes fight side-by-side wasn't enough, the has thrown another hook our way — the mysterious absence of the dead-for-now Superman. Appearing in the first promo image only to become MIA for all subsequent posters and trailers (excluding lazy photoshopped ones), Superman's role in Justice League is shrouded in mystery — but various leaks and rumors have lead many to believe that the Man Of Steel will return to plague the League as a villain. However, official Justice League merchandise seems to debunk this theory.

Blue-Suited Superman Fights With The League

is in full swing, giving fans a sneak peek at what's in store for upcoming movies. Just like last year, Warner Bros. is ruling over the convention with a huge live action panel and plenty of exhibitions for con-goers to drool over. And one such display has some pretty interesting implications for Superman's fate in Justice League.

Hot Toys' Justice League display featured Superman among his fellow heroes, bedecked in a blue suit. Hot Toys figures are renowned for their accuracy and craftmanship, with even the figures' facial features perfectly matching their subjects.

This blue-suited Superman has created something of a buzz among fans, thanks to the well-circulated rumor that Superman would don a black suit for his return in Justice League. This was based on apparent hint from Henry Cavill, as well as a blurry, possibly photoshopped leaked image of a black-suited Superman in Justice League. Put that together with comic book history, and you have the conclusion: Justice League may follow the comic The Return Of Superman, which features Superman coming back to life after being killed by Doomsday. Sporting a black suit and mullet, Superman is confused and fights against his superpowered allies.

Considering that The Death Of Superman — the comic arc preceding Return — was a huge influence on the movie Batman v Superman, it's possible we'll see Return's villainous, black-suited Superman in Justice League. However, this new ultra-accurate Hot Toys figure implies that Superman will have his blue suit in Justice League — and fight on the side of good.

Of course, as this Twitter account suggests, the Superman figure included on the Justice League stand could be from Batman v Superman — yet Superman's pedestal does sport the Justice League logo.

This isn't the first hint we've had from toys that Superman will return to aid his friends in Justice League, rather than being the secret villain of the movie. Previously, an advertised Justice League Lego set featured Superman fighting Stepphenwolf with the League, blue suit and all. The preview images of this set have since been retracted, which implies that they could be spoilerific.

Until we see the movie for ourselves, we can't be sure what Superman's role will be, or even how much of the movie he'll appear in. But for now all signs point towards Supes teaming up with his fellow heroes, rather than working against them. Here's hoping he doesn't pull a Luke Skywalker and turn up right at the end, without saying a word.


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