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The horror genre has been going through a pretty epic revival lately, thanks in no small part to Blumhouse, the studio behind 2017's two biggest horror hits, Split and Get Out. Blumhouse runs a pretty tight ship — they make horror movies on a tiny budget, promote them well on social media, and make a ton of money — and it works because the movies themselves are seriously good (and, in the case of Get Out, weirdly politically relevant).

is typically pretty secretive about its upcoming releases (allegedly, the studio will release a mystery movie in April), but we did just learn something pretty exciting about the supernatural horror Truth Or Dare courtesy of Deadline. Here's the premise:

The plot follows a college student in Mexico who is conned into playing a supernatural version of Truth or Dare. The game doesn’t stop and follows her back home.

The pedigree behind this one is strong — Pretty Little Liars actress and fashionable human being Lucy Hale is set to play the lead role, and is written and directed by Jeff Wadlow, who wrote Bates Motel and directed Kick Ass 2.

Supernatural horror seems to have taken a back seat to more psychological in the last year or so, but if people being tormented by ghosts is your thing, Blumhouse also has Insidious Chapter 4 out later this year.

More horror:

Personally I'm pretty stoked about Truth Or Dare, despite knowing almost nothing about it right now. We'll keep you posted the second we get a bone-chilling teaser.

What's your most anticipated horror movie of 2017?

(Source: Deadline)


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