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Alisha Grauso

With HBO drama Boardwalk Empire returning in what we can only guess will be mid-September, the channel quietly aired a brief teaser preview for the upcoming Season 4. It doesn't show much, but it does appear as if Nucky Thompson () will be meeting his match in Dr. Valentin Narcisse ():


Only kings understand each other. Foreshadowing City.

Dr. Narcisse is described as a philanthropist, a Doctor of Divinity, and student of culture. And, because this is Boardwalk Empire and the roaring 20s, we can only imagine bootlegging and quite a bit of criminal activity will be in his repertoire, as well. In any case, he doesn't appear to be a man to be trifled with.

It looks like Nucky will finally meet his match in a character that may very well prove to be even more dangerous than Gyp Rosetti. Now that's a scary thought.

Wright is a venerated character actor, having picked up both an Emmy and Golden Globe for his work in Angels in America. He's also appeared in James Bond films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, 's Broken Flowers and can be seen in upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We're in good hands.


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