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Bob's Burgers has cooked its way into audience hearts, becoming one of Fox's most beloved animated series. It's even more popular than some of the network's longer-running shows, such as , and the proof is in the details.

Take Tina, the eldest of child in the family, and easily the funniest of every character in the show. Her teenage awkwardness and constant daydreaming are super relatable and performed by Dan Mintz to perfection, delivering some of the best one-liners from an animated series. Here's a collection of her best jokes.

The series, which began in 2011, follows Bob Belcher and his family — wife Linda, daughters Tina and Louise, and son Gene — as they navigate their lives running a burger restaurant. They face rival eateries, difficulties at school, the occasional problem with their house, and a great deal of personal conflict and shenanigans.

Though it received mixed reviews upon premiere for its jumbled tone, ranging from vulgarity to family-friendy, the show has developed a unique brand of humor, with musical numbers and standout voice work. It has earned six Emmy nominations for Outstanding Animated Program, and an additional two Emmy nominations for voice acting for John Roberts (Linda) and Kevin Kline in a supporting role as the Belcher's landlord, Mr. Fischoeder.

Bob's Burgers will return for its eighth season on Fox on Sunday, October 1 at 7:30 pm, but can be watched on Hulu starting with season one.

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