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has been on the air now for seven years, 123 episodes and countless musical numbers. Now the people at Subpop have done God's work and will make all those songs we love finally portable to listen to over and over again!

The Bob’s Burgers Music Album will feature a massive 107 songs from all seven seasons, with music performed by the main cast but also some songs from guest stars, including Sarah Silverman, Cyndi Lauper, and Kevin Kline.

Here is a look at the different editions that will be coming our way, as well as a few clips of just some of the awesome music that will be on the soundtrack.

1. Digital And CD

Stan[Credit: SubPop]
Stan[Credit: SubPop]

The standard CD will contain two discs with all 107 songs as well as five never before aired Bob Buskers covers of a couple of the songs from St. Vincent, The National, Lapsley, and Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields.

Target (US) will have an exclusive version with six exclusive collectable character trading cards.

2. Standard And Deluxe LP

Both the standard and deluxe LP versions include a bonus white vinyl 7” single featuring all 5 Bob’s Buskers tracks, and both LP versions will also receive a bonus art print while supplies last as well (the tracks will also be available on the digital and CD version of the album, but orders for those formats will not receive the 7” with those songs).

Both the Deluxe Box Set and 3xLP Standard vinyl pre-orders receive a bonus art print while supplies last! Art prints are SOLD OUT as of 9:30 am PST 4/07/17

Are you going to get a Bob's Burgers Album?


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