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Back when the CW brought Arrow to the small screen, they had no idea they would be unleashing a juggernaut that would overtake all but three days of their week. With The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl having followed Stephen Amell’s show onto the network, fans are given a four-day lineup of super-heroic goodness.

As the Arrowverse has developed and grown, it has created its own history and events independent of the comics and the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). From the death of Black Canary, to Flashpoint to Oliver’s replacing Bruce Wayne as Ra’s al Guhl’s chosen successor, the writers and producers have worked hard to establish a unique universe of characters and events.

Because the CW shows have their own separate storyline, it has made guessing what is going to come next very difficult for fans and viewers alike. With a new season of all four shows just around the corner, these are five bold predictions for the next year and the years to come.

5. The Red Capes Are Coming

Will the real Henshaw please stand up, or sit, you know whatever.
Will the real Henshaw please stand up, or sit, you know whatever.

In Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor predicts that the “red capes are coming.” Little did he know that he was talking about the CW’s quartet of shows instead of the DCEU. Aside from the obvious Kryptonians (Supergirl and Superman), Greg Berlanti will possibly be unleashing an entire horde of red capes in the near and distant future.

The new season of Supergirl will not only feature the Man of Steel, but it will also have an appearance from the alien Mon-el. With a rich history of Superman followers, Berlanti could also give fans glimpses of Steel, Superboy, and even Krypto.

On the villainous side, in a future season, Kara may have to deal with the real Hank Henshaw. Believed to be long dead, the real Henshaw has to still be out there becoming the Cyborg Superman. It is hard to believe that showrunners did not intend for the original Henshaw to reappear in his powerful and evil new form when they introduced his name in the first season of Supergirl.

4. More Multiverse

Earth 2 out of infinity.
Earth 2 out of infinity.

The second season of The Flash opened fans to endless possibilities as they discovered the infinite realm of the multiverse. Getting a glimpse at just three other universes that season (Earth-2, Jay from Earth-3, and Supergirl’s universe), there is still much of the multiverse that has yet to be explored.

One of the possibilities that has been discussed is having Barry visit the world of Smallville. Featuring Tom Welling as Superman, Barry and friends could officially incorporate the alternate Man of Steel into the new CW multiverse. And, speaking of alternate Supermen, The Flash could also make a stopover in the art deco world of Superman Returns. Collecting two paychecks for the same episode, Brandon Routh could play both Superman and The Atom.

Not leaving all of the universe-hopping to Barry, the Legends of Tomorrow could figure out a way to bust through the universal barriers and explore alternate worlds. From the DCEU to the world of the Watchmen, Greg Berlanti has a limitless supply of stories and new worlds to feature, and he should use them.

3. The Batman Cometh (Kind Of)

The CW's answer to Gotham.
The CW's answer to Gotham.

In the CW Arrowverse, the Man of Steel and Metropolis exist side by side with Supergirl and National City. Now that they are being brought into the fold with Star City, Central City and all the heroes therein, many people have begun to wonder about the existence of Gotham City and its main vigilante, Batman.

There have been nods to the Dark Knight such as Ra’s al Guhl and his desire to have Oliver marry his daughter and lead the League of Assassins (something Ra’s has wanted Batman to do), but there has been no direct reference to Batman or the dismal city he calls home. This may all change in the not-too-distant future.

While it would be easy to simply bring Batman into the fold, the CW may face challenges from Fox’s Gotham that may prevent multiple versions of Bruce Wayne existing on the CW, Fox and the DCEU. Because he is such an integral part of DC lore, it would be hard for Greg Berlanti to completely ignore him. Even if he cannot use Batman directly, there are plenty of heroes (Nightwing, Red Robin, etc.) and villains (Hush, Scarecrow, etc.) from his history that can be used to challenge Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends.

Whether or not they actually get to use Bruce Wayne himself, there are plenty of Batman-related characters and plots that can be explored.

2. A Growing Crisis (Less Multiverse)

Wiping out the multiverse, one world at a time.
Wiping out the multiverse, one world at a time.

If there is one thing comic creators and TV producers like to do, it’s to take the status quo and turn it on its ear. With an established multiverse and characters crossing over between shows, it is quite likely that Greg Berlanti may want to take inspiration from the comics and begin a network-wide crisis.

Loosely following the events of the seminal DC tale Crisis on Infinite Earths, all four shows could have a massive season-long series of crossovers that culminate in the destruction of the multiverse. It is likely that this would not happen for several seasons, but the seeds for this mega-event could be planted seasons in advance.

The carnage created by the Anti-Monitor and his minions would take the (by then) cluttered multiverse and whittle it down to a single world where all of the surviving characters could exist. Picking all of the fan favorite characters from different realities and relocating them to Earth-1, the Crisis would provide a reset for the Arrowverse, including..

1. First In, First Out

The new home of Team Arrow?
The new home of Team Arrow?

Following the events of the Crisis, not all heroes and shows would survive. Not content to only contract universes, the CW would probably reduce the number of series as well. After all, they can only allow DC superheroes to take up four days per week for so long. With the superhero genre enjoying an extended run of trendiness, eventually the time will come when these films and series fall out of favor with the public.

When that time comes, the CW will need to reduce the number of days that DC heroes take over their lineup. Unfortunately for fans of the current group of shows, Arrow will be the first to be cut.

Perhaps out of the Crisis or at another point, the series that started it all will be the first to go. Not because fans don’t like Stephen Amell or Oliver Queen, but because the quality of the show has been in decline for a couple of seasons. Granted, Damien Darhk was amazingly portrayed by Neal McDonough, but the rest of the season lacked the gripping storyline and characters that the previous seasons showcased.

Hopefully in the next few years before the Crisis, the team from Star City will get an upgrade in writing and plot. If not, there is always a seat on the Waverider for Team Arrow.

We hope that won't happen for quite some time, but here's a reminder of how the Arrow legacy began way back in Season 1:

What do you think will be the next major event in the Arrowverse?


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