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It seems like much-delayed The Boondock Saints 3 has been forever relegated to that most terrible of realms, otherwise known as Hollywood Project Purgatory (I just made that up). But the third installment of the cult favorite series might finally be escaping HPP (totally going to make this happen), if star is to be believed.

At this past weekend's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, the actor explained that not only is the project still on the move, the recent attacks in Boston gave them a little extra push to bring the Beantown-based revenge film back to the big screen:

After the recent tragedies hit Boston I texted (director) Troy Duffy to ask him about when he would work on the third one and he replied ‘on it’.

While that could mean anything from, "Hey, here's our production start date," to "I was kind of thinking about maybe starting a script at some point," the timing could not be better for the third film to hit screens: stars alongside Flanery in the films, and his star could not be bigger right now thanks to his turn as fan-beloved Daryl in The Walking Dead.

As a bonus, here's the video of the actors at the Expo:


Honestly, who wears his sunglasses indoors? Norman Reedus, that's who, and you better like it, motherf***er.


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