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In a comic book continuity so vast and long-running as DC's, there are heroes that stand out as the best and brightest, those who represent all that we strive to be ourselves. Booster Gold is not one of these heroes.

Half knock-off hero, half good natured crook, Booster Gold gained cult popularity after his first appearance in DC Comics in 1986. The whacky time traveller may not be well known, but fans have been asking for a Booster Gold movie for years. And now, it seems that this may actually come to pass.

Last year it was reported that Greg Berlanti — showrunner of The Flash and all around good guy — was working on a script for the proposed Booster Gold movie. Since then, we've been wondering how this fit into Warner Bros' grand plan for the DCEU, and now we finally have an answer.

Booster's singing Warner Bros' song... [DC]
Booster's singing Warner Bros' song... [DC]

In a new interview with Vulture, Berlanti revealed that yes, the Booster Gold script is still very much in development — but it's totally unconnected to the DCEU.

"As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds. It'd be a separate thing."

The DCEU — comprised so far of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad — is WB's answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Wonder Woman and Justice League arriving next year, this continuity is expanding ever rapidly. So is it a good idea to exclude Booster Gold from this lineup?

Out Of Time, Out For Himself

An ex-sports star and small time crook from the 25th Century, Michael John Carter became a superhero when he stole a time travel device from a museum and journeyed into the past.

Often irreverent and always arrogant, Booster nonetheless has a heart of gold, which makes him a compelling character. His only live action appearance so far has been on Smallville, and although that was just one episode this was a great portrayal of the character — right down to the sponsored ads on his hero costume.

Booster Gold is a delightful character because he's something of an antidote to the big-name heroes of DC Comics. He's very much out for himself, looking to make as much money as possible from scamming the past — like placing bets on sports events when he already knows who will win.

In true hero-redemption fashion, Booster winds up actually becoming the superhero he's pretending to be. His stories are littered with weird time travel plots, as he teams up with several versions of himself from different points in the timeline.

Booster Gold's main partner though, is Blue Beetle, the tech genius Ted Kord — and their dynamic is awesome. The proposed Booster Gold movie is apparently going to feature Blue Beetle too, as a kind of time-traveling buddy-cop romp.

Ah yes, the coolest most capable heroes. [DC]
Ah yes, the coolest most capable heroes. [DC]

The possibilities for this film are hugely exciting, and it may become DC's answer to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Booster Gold Could Change The Course Of DC History

With all of time to play with, the Booster Gold movie has a lot of potential to be awesome. A few years ago, we'd never have banked on a film that used weird and wonderful scifi tropes to be a runaway success — but then Guardians of the Galaxy changed everything. Featuring larger-than-life aliens and an out-of-this-world plot, Guardians was a huge hit, paving the way for other niche, cult-ish stories to get their time in the limelight.

Booster Gold definitely exists within the whacky scifi genre, and although his remit is more time than space, this standalone film might finally be that tongue-in-cheek, comedy-action DC movie we've been waiting for. (You know, the one we thought Suicide Squad would be.)

Booster plans to save Blue Beetle by getting the woman to vomit him up. Skeets suggests Booster kiss her. [DC]
Booster plans to save Blue Beetle by getting the woman to vomit him up. Skeets suggests Booster kiss her. [DC]

Yet there's a grandiosity to Booster's story too, as thanks to the time travel element of the plot of his comics he can see beyond DC's frequent continuity resets. In the Convergence comic arc, we saw a version of Booster that reached almost godlike status — known as Waverider, this Booster has incredible time travel superpowers, and the knowledge of all timeline possibilities. And that's what makes this proposed film so exciting.

While Berlanti has stressed that this movie is not part of the DCEU, it's possible that we may still see these continuities cross over, thanks to the multiverse theory that all DC stories operate on. In fact, the Booster Gold film could connect the DC movies with The CW shows, as there have been several hints that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle exist in The CW multiverse somewhere. After all, Legends of Tomorrow is lead by Rip Hunter, Booster's son, who pilots a ship called the Waverider, and Ted Kord has been mentioned several times in Arrow.

Of course, bringing all these elements together would be very difficult, and uniting the separate DC movie and TV continuities is probably a bad idea.

Gold Star, Booster, Blue Beetle, and Rip Hunter meet Waverider. Whacky shenanigans ensue. [DC]
Gold Star, Booster, Blue Beetle, and Rip Hunter meet Waverider. Whacky shenanigans ensue. [DC]

However, Booster Gold works as a character in contrast to the other, better heroes of DC Comics. He definitely has the substance to lead his own film, but it doesn't make much sense for the character to decide to become a superhero in a world that doesn't already have superheroes. And there's also the fact that Booster works fantastically as part of a team — one of the best versions of the character is in the Superbuddies series, as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle join a group of similar C List heroes.

The upshot of all of this is — Booster Gold is a fantastic character to base a film on, and thanks to the weird and whacky elements that make up his stories, DC could have a Guardians-esque hit on its hands. The best way to approach Booster Gold may be the same way Fox did Deadpool: A hero that stands apart from the main series of movies, while still existing in the same universe as them.

There's certainly a lot to juggle here, and it'll be exciting to see just how this movie reconfigures the DC cinematic landscape — if it ever gets made.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Booster Gold should exist in the DCEU?

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold regroup. [DC]
Blue Beetle and Booster Gold regroup. [DC]

[Source: Vulture]


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