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Throughout his live action appearances, Frank Castle has stayed fairly true to his intended character; a line crossing anti-hero who will stop at nothing to ensure the punishment of those who deserve it. Jon Bernthal makes the fourth actor to take up the role of the gun-toting vigilante, and his portrayal of the character has been praised by both audiences and critics as he shot, punched, and stabbed his way through Daredevil Season 2. Not long after the season's finale, it was announced that Frank Castle would indeed have his own solo series. However, other than the set photo leaks last fall, the show runners have been fairly quiet about their work in progress. Until now.

This newly released teaser serves as the most jarring 80 seconds one may experience. We're shown bits of Frank's past and present, as Bernthal's cold and frightening speech goes unnoticed.

Now that's one hell of a way to kick off a solo series. is born, and he's out for blood. While we aren't given a whole lot to look at, it's more than enough to satisfy. Not only that, but it also seems to have given us a hint at what's to come. As expected, the show will focus on Franks past, and his emergence as the Punisher. But for some comic book fans, it looks like an adaptation of Born is on the horizon.

What is 'Born'?

[Credit: Marvel}
[Credit: Marvel}

Boy, am I glad you asked. Born is a miniseries that was published by through the MAX imprint in 2003, during Garth Ennis' run of the character. It told an origin story like no other. The setting was the Vietnam War, and Frank Castle is the cold blooded son of a bitch in charge. To leave some of the gory details to be discovered, I'll attempt to make a long story short:

Castle's team is ambushed, and enemy fire is too heavy for any kind of air support. Little by little, the Vietcong begins to overpower their forces, as Frank is left with no men and little ammunition. Throughout the story, we were made aware of a voice inside of Frank's head that spoke to his dark side, that tempted him to give in to his bloodlust, to never stop. This voice makes a reappearance as Castle fights for his life. It offers him the strength and endurance needed to survive, and the opportunity to forever wage war, but for a price. As Castle grows closer to death, he finally gives in.

[Credit: Marvel}
[Credit: Marvel}

Our hero ended up surviving the ambush and was lifted home to his family. As Castle embraces his wife and children, the voice appears yet again. It reminds Frank of the price he still has to pay. Little did he know, that cost would be in the form of his family's blood.

While this is one hell of a dark twist, it's not far fetched to think we'll get something similar in this solo series. With it's MA rating, and what we've already seen from the Punisher in Daredevil, it should almost be expected. Castle's teaser trailer talk of selling his soul to the Devil could either be a hint at an adaptation of Born, or it could just be nothing. If you've read the story, it's hard to think of anything else when Frank Castle mentions the Devil coming to collect. Either way, Bernthal has said how he wants the character to be unlikable. Well this sure could be one way to do it, while also adding incredible depth to an already amazing character.

[Credit: Marvel/Disney]
[Credit: Marvel/Disney]


Is it plausible for us to see 'Born' come to life in Netflix's 'The Punisher'?

The Punisher will premiere later this year on Netflix — will you tune in?


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