ByTino Jochimsen, writer at
The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Oftentimes the names of sexy actresses convey messages or images rich in poetry and scope. I didn't have any proof of this (as I pullled this very piece of information out my derriere) - until now.

Maitland Ward. What does this name describe? Yes, a rather excited looking blonde of 36 years who gratiously shares her bosomy splendor with the world. Thanks for that by the way.

But it also hints into the direction of an image. An image which might or might not hold what may or may not be said woman's calling. Or any bosomy blonde's calling really.

A woman, blond, sitting in a sort of hunter's cabin, overseeing that part fo the universe where mating takes place. Matingland. She is very much the ward of it.

What have you smoked dude, you may ask. Well, love brother. Love.


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