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Black Panther was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, and the Wakandan Prince stole almost every scene he was in. Chadwick Boseman was a hit with the fans, and his appearance in Captain America’s solo movie made audiences excited for the Black Panther solo film, which is set to be released early next year.

In preparation for Black Panther’s release, Studios has started its marketing campaign for the film, and released a shiny new poster showcasing the new King of Wakanda sitting upon his onyx throne.

The concept for the poster is great, but the execution left something to be desired, and the overuse of Photoshop was a bit jarring. In response to the new Black Panther poster, designer Bosslogic (whose work fans are quite familiar with by now) decided to make his own version, and it's amazing how much he improved it.

Bosslogic's Black Panther Poster

Bosslogic does amazing work, and he has become well-known for his concept art in the fan community. His latest piece is no exception, and he took the great template that Marvel created in the original Black Panther poster, and improved upon it.

In his Instagram post, gave a brief description of what he did to the poster, and how he tweaked a few things to make it look more polished:

"The poster was good, just needed the colours to blend more. I quickly added a few things to it plus some tone for some fun.... And an actual Black Panther"

Bosslogic's Black Panther poster is fantastic, and all he did was tweak the color, add some features, and made minor changes to the tone. In the original poster, is helmetless—which was done to showcase the actor—but it was poorly executed and off-putting. In Bosslogic’s poster, he added the helmet to the Black Panther suit, which blends well with the background, and gives the whole piece a more unified aesthetic.

The original poster was meant to showcase Black Panther’s royalty, but the king sitting alone atop his throne looked odd, and it only served to isolate T’Challa from his sovereignty. The addition of the panther in Bosslogic’s poster is very important, and it helped to show that the is not alone in his kingdom. The panther also demonstrated T'Challa's power by alluding to the fact that he is in command of the wild animal beside him.

Black Panther is one of the most anticipated films in the , and it is a very important film as the first African-American led superhero film since the Blade trilogy. Marvel Studios doesn’t have the best reputation for movie posters; however, they have an amazing track record when it comes to making fantastic films.

Make sure you catch Black Panther when it hits theaters on February 18, 2018.

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