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Everyone goes ape for a good monster movie — find me someone who doesn't love Jurassic Park and I'll have that person dealt with — but how often do we get a legitimately good monster movie?

is that movie. Kong's story may be overdone in Hollywood (not that it stopped Japan from making thirty Godzilla movies) but Skull Island smartly relocates the action to Vietnam in '73, ditches green screen for real, beautiful locations and suggests, once more, that man is the ultimate enemy — or rather, Samuel L. Jackson is. It's a wild ride, and the largest-ever Kong batted away the Wolverine like an irritating fly at the box office this weekend.

'Kong: Skull Island' [Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.]
'Kong: Skull Island' [Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.]

Despite being projected to make $40m just a week ago, the power of strong word-of-mouth reviews was in evidence over the three days as Skull Island took Logan's crown with a superb $61m in the US. It was also number one in various countries including the UK, Korea, Germany, France and Australia, and has a one-week total of $142.6m in the global box office kitty.

More Kong:

While that's undeniably strong, Kong cost a fairly ridiculous $185m to make, so Legendary and Warner Bros. (who'll team again for Godzilla: King Of Monsters) need this movie to make at least $550m all told. With Beauty And The Beast on the horizon, that could be a challenge, and a lot's riding on what happens when Kong opens in China and Japan, two countries who can't get enough of their kaijus. As a point of reference, Godzilla made $529m in 2014.

The two most famous movie monsters of all time will face off in 2020's Godzilla vs. Kong, and I'll be rooting for Kong, because I'm a sucker for a sad ape. That movie doesn't have a director yet, but Jordan Vogt-Roberts did an epic job with Skull Island's gorgeous visuals, so round two would be welcomed.

held at number two this weekend, adding $38m in the US and $70m elsewhere for a total box office of $438m over two weeks. That's pretty much exactly where X-Men: Days Of Future Past was at, too, and Logan should fire away nicely to an endgame of at least $625m. Check out the best of our in-depth Logan coverage below:

In its third week, the Jordan Peele-directed satirical horror flick continued to display incredible legs (not a reference to star Daniel Kaluuya's actual legs) with another $21m in the bank, for a running total of $111m, all from the US. This movie cost just $4.5m to make, so somebody somewhere in Blumhouse HQ is showering in champagne this month.

Other movies continuing to perform impressively include Moonlight ($41.5m total), A Dog's Purpose ($140.5m), Moana (#1 in Japan, $596m total), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ($307m), Fifty Shades Darker ($369m), Sing ($578m) and John Wick Chapter 2 ($275.5m). La La Land is at $417m, and Hidden Figures has $206m in the bank. M. Night Shyamalan's Split (budget just $9m) will cruise past $250m this week.

This Friday, records will almost certainly be shattered when Disney's live-action retelling of Beauty And The Beast hits theaters aiming for a US opening well north of $130m. Check out the film's soundtrack on Spotify to get yourself hyped:

Did Kong: Skull Island meet your expectations, and which movie will be taking your cash this coming weekend?

(Source: Deadline)


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