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Sure, Narcos chronicled the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar in its first two seasons, but in many ways, Boyd Holbrook is the heart and soul of the hit Netflix show. Between Steve Murphy's insightful voice over and his dogged determination to see justice done, Holbrook's character is integral to proceedings.

However, now that the show's focus will shift to the Cali Cartel instead, Seasons 3 and 4 of will be a different beast entirely, which has led fans to question whether will return to the role that first propelled him to the A-list in 2015. After all, Steve Murphy left Columbia in real life soon after he and the rest of the DEA took down Escobar, so will Boyd Holbrook continue to star on the show in Season 3?

Narcos [Credit: Netflix]
Narcos [Credit: Netflix]

In a recent interview with We Got This Covered, Holbrook revealed that Season 3 of Narcos is currently filming without him — but that doesn't mean that this is the last we've seen of Steve Murphy on the show.

Will Boyd Holbrook Ever Return To 'Narcos'?

Narcos [Credit: Netflix]
Narcos [Credit: Netflix]

While speaking exclusively to Movie Pilot about his upcoming role in Logan, Holbrook also shared some exclusive details on the direction of Narcos, including the future of his character on the show.

When asked what's in store for Steve Murphy in Season 3, Holbrook revealed how both the third and fourth seasons could play out, explaining that:

“Eventually they want to go into the modern day, maybe El Chapo. You can probably see that in Season 4, they’re slated to be doing that. How much I'm involved is to be seen."

From this, it appears that Holbrook won't play a major role here on out, but he also didn't rule out the possibility of a future appearance from Murphy either. While we always knew that Holbrook's role was in question, what we didn't know is that Narcos may jump forward to the present day faster than anticipated.

Could 'Narcos' Really Jump Forward To The Present By Season 4?

Narcos [Credit: Netflix]
Narcos [Credit: Netflix]

Season 2 of Narcos led up to the death of Pablo Escobar in 1993, so the idea of leaping ahead to the present day in just two seasons may surprise some viewers.

However, now that the focus will shift to El Chapo, often described as one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world, the timeline of Seasons 3 and 4 may be more fluid. After all, El Chapo may have become Mexico's top drug kingpin in 2003 following the arrest of his rival, but in recent years, Forbes has continued to rank the drug baron as one of the most powerful people in the world.

It's entirely feasible then that Narcos could lead up to the present day by the end of Season 4, covering the most pivotal chapters of El Chapo's life in just two seasons. After all, that's exactly how events played out with Escobar.

Narcos [Credit: Netflix]
Narcos [Credit: Netflix]

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, show runner Eric Newman hinted that there may be truth in Holbrook's words, explaining that El Chapo's story...

"...depends on where we start in the Mexican timeline. Chapo was there at the beginning, in a way. He was one of the younger guys in the Guadalajara cartel before it splintered and he and another guy were given Sinaloa as territory. In our timeline currently, that’s already happened because that was in 1985. So it depends. If we take our time, it could take a while. If we jump right into it, it could be really soon."

Does Season 4 qualify as "really soon?"

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Whether Narcos reaches the present day sooner than expected or not, we hope that there will be still room for at least a cameo from Holbrook in Seasons 3 and 4. While Murphy wasn't involved in El Chapo's story, we're sure that the show runners could find a way to include him briefly without straying too far from true events.


Would you like to see Boyd Holbook appear in Season 3 or 4 of Narcos?

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