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Quick. Think of the most unlikely movie pairing in the history of forever: No, stop. Don't really spend time thinking about it, because you're not going to get it, anyway.

It's clearly Child's Play veteran Brad Dourif and boxer-turned-actor Roy Jones, Jr.

The pair are hopping aboard new horror project Angelz Landing, which is "Angels" but spelled with a "z", so you know they mean seriously edgy business, y'all. At least, it would have been edgy in the mid-90s when spelling things like that was TOTALLY XTREME, but now it's kind of sad, unless they mean it in an ironic way, in which case it's kind of come full circle back to cool again? I just confused myself.

Want a synopsis? Sure you do:

Network Producer DEBBIE LEE has had strange dreams her whole life. After her brother and his crew go missing doing a documentary on a utopian town, Angelz Landing, the dreams begin to blur with reality. When she teams up with her boyfriend and an FBI agent to investigate, they discover that everyone in the town is dead and only the eccentric founder, ANDREW THURMAN () suspiciously remains. Uncovering a demonic prophecy and realizing the town is where God cast the Angels down from heaven, they find themselves inside a real nightmare. As Debbie’s dreams become more prophetic, it also becomes clear that they are part of Mr. Thurman’s sinister plot, which will trigger Armageddon.

Even though the film has already been tossed a cool $3 million in studio funding, creators Demetrius and Damian Jones (or as they refer to themselves, "Blue" and "Mete". Okay then.) decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make it even bigger and badass. Check out the Kickstarter video featuring an extended trailer and a bit with Dourif below:

What do you think? This could either be amazingly bonkers in a good way, or truly terrible, and I'm honestly not sure which. But I'll watch it, if only because it's the only time in history Dourif and will ever be on screen together.

I think.

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