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22 Jump Street is pulling out all of the stops to deliver some serious LOLs with a cameo from Brad Pitt poking fun at his own career.

The Hollywood heavyweight plays himself as a university librarian with some seriously dubious acting talents. A source let slip that:

The scene is very funny and the guys had a great time doing it. Brad was a great sport and the producers were thrilled that he took part

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill: Unlikely celebrity chums

While some might find it surprising that such a serious actor would let himself be the target of ridicule, it makes more sense when you remember that and are unlikely celebrity chums after starring together in Moneyball.

Despite Pitt's place in the Hollywood hierarchy, he apparently still has time for fun and Hill reports the thespian is a serious prankster. In fact, when they were on set for Money Ball, Pitt had Hill's golf cart transformed into a 'Wham-mobile' featuring spray painted images of the pair with some serious '80s bouffants.

A graphic from the infamous 'Wham-mobile'

Regardless of how funny Brad is, I must confess I am much more excited about the idea of him and sharing the screen for a few spine-tingling moments. Can I get an Amen in here, sisters?

Who else is excited for a hilarious romp down 22 Jump Street?

Source: Perez Hilton

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