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When debating which actors and actresses deserve to be on the A-list of Hollywood, will forever be in the top tier of the discussion. The handsome talent experienced joyous highs and immense lows in the last year - the 2017 Best Picture winner Moonlight was produced by his company, Plan B, whereas the Robert Zemeckis-directed historical romance Allied was a commercially-aimed box office disappointment for the star. Pitt's personal life with estranged wife has also made controversial headlines, causing the actor to seclude himself until recently.

The famous face recently sat down with GQ Style for a remarkably open and raw interview. Although there is not much discussed about his acting work, he provides a fascinating insight into how he chooses which roles to delve into. He reveals finding acting exciting when he's focusing on the "comedic stuff" and "taking gambles."

He refers to his starring role in the 2007 Andrew Dominik-directed film The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford as his favorite movie that also happens to be "the worst performing film of anything [he has] done." He mentions the importance of believing in a project and expresses the frustration felt when cynicism sets in:

"... If I believe something is worthy, then I know it will be worthy in time to come. And there are times I get really cynical, you know. I spend a lot of time on design and even this sculpture folly I'm on, I have days when—it all ends up in the dirt anyways: What's the point? So I go through that cycle, too, you know? What's the point?"

[Credit: WB]
[Credit: WB]

By The Sea (2015) Is The Lowest-Grossing Movie In Pitt's Filmography

According to Box Office Mojo, of Pitt's 35 wide release credits, The Assassination Of Jesse James places at a whopping #34 in terms of worldwide unadjusted gross. The remaining lowest-grossing film is the 2015 collaboration with Jolie, By The Sea.

Interesting to note, Pitt's third highest-grossing feature is the film he and Jolie starred in exactly ten years prior to By The Sea with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Coincidence? Most likely... Or is it?!

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Brad Pitt's ridiculously impressive filmography speaks for itself. It is impossible to not enjoy at least one film he has appeared in which ranges from Se7en to Fight Club, the Ocean's series, The Tree Of Life, 12 Years A Slave, Fury and the list only continues. With the recent news that is apparently a go and his starring role in a original film nearing its release, we will hopefully see more of a mature Pitt as time goes on.

Prepare for his performance as Gen. McMahon in the satirical black comedy , also starring Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, Tilda Swinton and Will Poulter, set to release on Netflix on May 26th, 2017.

[Source: GQ Style]

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